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Postby Max Rodriguez » 04/17/05 06:14 PM

I have never been to a close up magic lecture.I really want to go to the lecture but I live in deltona,florida.Does anyone know of any lectures in Daytona or orlando.Michael ammar come to central flordia alot.
Max Rodriguez
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Postby Brian Marks » 04/18/05 01:54 PM

There is a shop in Gainsville that may have occasional lectures but I havent been in central Fl i some time
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Postby Terry » 04/18/05 03:57 PM

Give Daytona Magic a call to find out if the local Ring is having lectures.

Harry & Irv used to belong to the club, don't see them as much since I moved back to KY in 98.
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Postby Guest » 04/18/05 04:43 PM

There has to be lectures in Orlando, it is a major population center.
Steve V

Postby David Nethery » 04/18/05 06:04 PM

The Ring 170 (Orlando, FL) web site posts upcoming events and lectures :

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David Nethery
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Postby Max Rodriguez » 04/18/05 09:56 PM

Thanks guys .Im go on the asemmbly and ring sites all the time to see if there any lectures around the daytona and orlando area but only every once a while a lecture will come a long.Im more interested in card magic.Im suprised Daytonamagic doesnt have lectures.
Max Rodriguez
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