....a personal note to all(apoligies to rafael b,i mis-spelled your name)

Discuss your favorite close-up tricks and methods.

Postby knnthcv » 11/12/01 02:06 PM

i like to point out to all concerned that the reason i asked about stories with playing cards is because due to a accident
i can no longer perform many sleights----
so,i devoted much time to find effects that are self-working and trying to add more mystery to the effect---i work for northwest airlines and i am a luggage handler---
so my hands are always moving and i got injured...it hurt my pride and i lost my passion for magic...i recently started to get back into cards--i do collect playing cards(olds ones)=and i collect magazines--
so,since my accident,i have tried to re-learn what i did know--and when i cant,i try to read as much as i can to find beautiful card magic,using what i know..i showed this lady i liked the "follow the leader" effect
---simple for me,yet i had to come up with something to make it beautiful....
im trying my best to keep my passion.....
and i hope you guys and gals can lead me to other things....thanks for your time and
my apoligies to rafael for mis-spelling his name
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Postby Guest » 11/12/01 04:19 PM

There's lots of good magic that doesn't require sleight of hand. In my experience, it takes a real magician to know how to perform even self-working tricks, so I imagine you're still able to knock them dead. If you want to see a self-working Follow the Leader Routine I've been using for many, many years, check out my web site.

Postby Guest » 11/13/01 10:09 AM


You may wish to read, or at least look through, "Scarne on Card Tricks," for effects without sleight of hand (thanks to Noah Levine for reminding me of this book).


Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 11/13/01 10:39 AM

Another excellent resource would be the book "Effortless Card Magic" by Peter Duffie.

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Postby knnthcv » 11/13/01 12:20 PM

thanks everyone-----take care
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Postby Brian Marks » 11/13/01 01:47 PM

I dont know the extent of your injuries but Rene Levand does sleight of hand magic with only one hand due to losing a hand in and accident as a young boy. I attended a lecture by him at NYU severl years back and he was incredible.

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Postby Guest » 11/14/01 10:08 AM

I agree Rene Levand is a great source! Story decks are great for your purpose (Sam the Bellhop, Night at the Improv, Diamond Jack) just leave out all the false shuffles. "Night at the Improv" by Eric Mead and "Who Killed Lilly Longlegs?" by Simon Lovell are supposed to look like you're making it up as you go along, so the false shuffles are not needed.
Stacked deck effects work well. Like using the Si Stebbins stack to divine what card a spectator cut to.
Good luck!!

Ben S :cool:

Postby Luis » 11/14/01 07:05 PM

Rene Lavand's routines are great, but his methods are far from sleightless, he has developed his own sleights for one hand, it will take some time and effort to master them.

By the way his name is spelled Lavand with an a. (a short form of his real last name, Lavandera)

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Postby Brian Marks » 11/14/01 07:17 PM

The idea of suggesting Rene Lavandera was not because he is sleightless but because if knnthcv may still be interested in learning sleight of hand magic with one hand pending whatever injuries incurred may not affect one hand as much or at all. It also suggests one does not need to quit due to such a misfortune. Meir Yedid lost a finger in a card accident and he still does excellent sleigt if hand magic. There is always hope.
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Postby knnthcv » 11/14/01 07:56 PM

thanks again for all your input-----
i miss card magic and all its mystery....
i just happen to focus on other aspects of it
which brings me to ask you guys a good follow the leader effect...someone has already shared a version------
i use 6 cards--is it possible to use more?
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Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 11/14/01 07:58 PM

You might also want to check out "Scarne on Card Tricks" by John Scarne. Lots of excellent material, and most is sleight-free or very close to it.

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