Whats your favorite trick deck?

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Postby Guest » 07/22/02 07:28 AM

The only one i have is the svengali but im thinking about getting another one maybe the brainwave or deja vu. Im not sure, what are some your your favorites?

Postby Pete Biro » 07/22/02 07:58 AM

Devano Rising Cards followed by Invisible Deck.

However, make sure you can do some miracles with a borrowed, dog-eared deck with no set ups. :p
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Pete Biro
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Postby Guest » 07/22/02 08:01 PM

Where do I get a good quality "dog eared deck"?

I asked my dealer and he sold me a bicycle deck wrapped with two #19 rubber bands. It is missing a bunch of cards, and some of them are torn halfway down the long side toward the middle. A couple other cards had peoples names written in magic marker, and one has a corner missing. One of the cards says "You owe $14". Is this really the "dog eared deck", and why was it so expensive? I don't have any instructions for it either.

Postby Guest » 07/22/02 11:53 PM

Pete, Im no an english speaker , For me "dog eared deck" its like talking in slang, could you give a more detailed explanation. Thanks.
The only special deck I use its one that can be examined: Tamariz Menmonic DEck. With it I can do Invisible deck effect, Thougth card houlette, Canastas routines and much more...I can do whichever effect public demands

Postby Jamie Badman » 07/23/02 03:19 AM

Mark; you do have a version of a Dog Eared Deck there but I'm pretty sure you have the cheap 'knock off' version that some dealers were selling a few years back. The problem with that version is that some of the cards don't stick together at all and the rips are sometimes a little too consistent.

I've acquired the rights to produce the original version, which I've made just 50 batches of. These are pure quality. I use not two but THREE bands, there's not just a 'You Owe 14 Dollars' card there but also one with a leprechaun on. No less than seventeen cards have completely RANDOM tears in them and I've spent many hours ensuring that the stains are NON removable and that the backs on many of the cards do not match the others.

These are available only on a first come, first served basis and I expect them to be gone VERY quickly so don't think TOO long before ordering some! I will NOT be making any more for quite some time after these are sold.

Jamie Badman
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Postby Eric Rose » 07/23/02 03:47 AM


I'm concerned that someone has led you astray by selling you the rights to produce Dog-Earred Decks. I found an original (possibly THE original) Dog-Earred Deck when rummaging through my grandfather's desk a few years back. The deck is 59 cards and does have the 3 rubber bands (one broken and retied). This original deck does not have any "You Owe $14" cards, but does include some assorted racy cards from an agricultural seed company. It appears the "rights" you purchased were for yet another knock-off deck. I am willing to avoid messy arguments and call this a case of simultaneous invention if you will split the profits with me 50/50.
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Postby Guest » 07/23/02 06:10 AM

What is a dog-eared deck?!

Postby Bill Mullins » 07/23/02 07:55 AM

Originally posted by PRmiracle:
What is a dog-eared deck?!
This is one of the bigger secrets of magic, and fortunately one that is still "underground". If you really want to know the answer, you must first tell us:

Who fooled Houdini?
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Postby Guest » 07/23/02 08:21 AM

C'mon guys, play nicely, stop teasing him.

This is turning into one of those Fizbin Drop threads that they have every now and again on Magic Talk.

But if anybody really wants me to Dog-Ear a deck for them, my prices are most reasonable. A few days in my hands, and 'tis done. I'm just a natural, I guess.


Postby Guest » 07/23/02 09:56 AM

My favorite "trick" decks are the Ted Lesley Marked Deck followed by the Invisible Deck. I do a Stanlet Jaks idea with the Lesley Deck and a T.a. Waters idea with the invisible deck, both are absolute stunners. Plus there is a slo a great phone trick i do with the Lesley deck too.
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Postby Guest » 07/23/02 10:16 AM

what the hell is a dog eared deck someone just explain it

Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 07/23/02 10:39 AM

Originally posted by PRmiracle:
what the hell is a dog eared deck someone just explain it

A dog eared deck is the same as a dog eared book -- it's been well used. The name comes from the practice of folding in the corner of a page in a book to mark your place. I guess it kinda looks like a dog's ear, so it became known as "dog earing" the page. A book that had lots of dog ears in it would obviously be well used and a bit worn out.

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Postby Pete Biro » 07/23/02 12:45 PM

Since I was first to use the term "Dog Eared Deck" I must tell all that I own the rights.

However, to those that do not know this particular item, it is, simply a dirty, beat up, old deck of cards. No gimmicks, no nuttin'--and more often than not incomplete.

These kinds of decks are often found in a kitchen drawer of a guest's home... and when you are there with no apparatus and are asked to do some magic, and say, "Do you have a deck of cards I can borrow?" the usual cards supplied are a mess. These are the kinds of cards one should be able to use and create miracles with.

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Pete Biro
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Postby Guest » 07/25/02 07:30 AM

My favorite is the invisible deck, bar none. But I agree that you need a heck of a lot more than a trick deck...I recommend getting a copy of Magic with Cards to learn some simple card tricks. Then, if you feel so moved, try working on something harder with The Royal Road. Good Luck.

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