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Postby Guest » 01/12/06 01:47 PM

Ok. Let me state this one more time. I have not ignored anyone's email. I gave everyone the new email address, and ahve responded to everyone who has contacted me there. If you're still using the old email address, stop. any further complaints that you can't get ahold of me at the old email address will not be tollerated. I'm not responsible for people not reading posts. I have posted the new address enough times now. please use that email if you wish to get ahold of me. the old server is down. the website has been removed and all sales stopped until this is resolved. please take the time to read posts before starting fires. again. I can't be reached at the old email address. the new one is please get ahold of me there.

Postby Guest » 01/12/06 11:58 PM


my friends and I did email you at your new email address that we obtained from your previous post in this forum.

Anyway, just to assure everyone, Mike did reply me on my 3rd email telling me that he would settle the refunds by Friday.

Will see how it goes and update here again after Friday.

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