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Postby Bill Duncan » 02/02/02 07:19 PM

It has been brought to my attention that a routine of mine which uses a cutting proceedure similar to that in the above named Jenning's effect is missing a credit and that the cutting proceedure didnt' originate with Mr. Jenning's but rather with Marlo or Scarne.

Marlo is credited in "The Classic Magic of LJ" for the card switching proceedure but there is no credit for the idea of mixing acnes and indifferent cards in a packet and then cutting to a crimp to seemingly lose the aces.

While my influence is Jenning's I'd like to be able to cite the actually originator of the idea if at all possible.

Can anyone, reference the originator of this concept?
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/02/02 08:49 PM

I believe the concept is original with Jennings. Another version where the faces of all four Aces can be shown prior to being cut into the deck appears in "Richard's Almanac." An odd coincidence is that at almost exactly the same time as Jennings published his version, Dave Solomon published something very very similar--can't recall where, though it could've been in "Sessions."
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