Your favorite "Slush Powder" routine?

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Postby Guest » 08/18/03 01:57 PM

I would be interested in hearing from anyone about their favorite routine with Slush Powder. There's got to be more potential to it than "pour-the-water-into-the-cup-and-impale-it-with-a-pencil" effect. It seems to be the ideal product for a multi-phase routine with other items. Any suggestions?

Postby Bill McFadden » 08/18/03 02:49 PM

A terrific, "Monte" type of effect was published in a past issue of AM/PM. Tom Cutts, who occasionally accesses this forum is the publisher, and would (maybe) be happy to sell you this back issue. E-mail me privately if you need contact info.

Wait a minute: anybody seen any CURRENT issues of AM/PM lately? Hey Tom, what's up? :whack:
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