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Postby Guest » 02/26/05 10:53 PM

If you use cigarettes in your act, ya might want to check out "Marlboro Seventy Two's" they're shorter than your average smoke; Very useful for tip vanishes and tounging, plus the shortened length helps with angles.


As an ueber-bonus... you'll smoke less because the things are so damn short!

this has been a public-magic-service announcement

Postby Guest » 03/02/05 08:11 AM

Funny you bring up cigarette manipulation today. Just last week I did a show and was going through my old clips and holders to find a billiard ball dropper and ran across all of my old cigarette droppers, clips, etc. I mused about the bans on smoking and how an act of cigarette manipulation might be controversial to some nowadays. My children had not seen an actual album, you know 33-1/3 rpm, until recently and it makes me wonder if sometime in the future kids will ask just what a cigarette is and what do you do with them. I used to do cigarette manipulation regularly, both stage and close up ala Slydini, although I never smoked anything other than an occassional cigar. My how times change!

Postby Guest » 03/02/05 03:47 PM

Do your manip with crayons,or with chalk.Neil Foster did a killer routine with a small hand held blackboard and chalk...Cordially,HoHo

Postby Guest » 03/02/05 04:48 PM

Howzabout those golfy type pencils? I ignore anything doing with cigs (ex 3 pack a day smoker). I can't think of a place it would play here in California.
Steve V

Postby Guest » 03/05/05 08:44 PM

We just got hit with a smoking ban here in Columbus. It makes going out hell but all my cig tricks are suddenly very topical.

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