Favorite Effect with Lousy Borrowed Cards?

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Postby Joe Hanosek » 09/05/01 10:45 AM

Was at the home of a friend recently. They asked to see a card trick - but I had no cards. They went to the kitchen drawer and brought out a pack that was about 2x as thick as normal with brown edges and tape on several cards.

Any suggestions for tricks with a deck that is too worn to do your "normal stuff"?
Joe Hanosek
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Postby Guest » 09/05/01 10:51 AM

Well Joe, thats why I always carry a deck!!! - Sad I know. But good effects with rubbish cards can be done. Basically any effects which use multiple lifts should probably be ruled out. But check out the trick David Blaine does on his second special when someone hands him a lousy deck - although he uses his own as well. I recommend things like Bill Malones 'Cut em high and tie' form Swain's 21st Century Card Magic (A very worthwhille investment by the way) or a mathmatical trick such as James Swain's Version of the 21 card trick. Other than that I recommend the worlds cheapest insurance policy for card magicians - ALWAYS CARRY A DECK!!! ;)

Postby Guest » 09/05/01 11:07 AM

You could do a simple location using a key card.

If you can palm a card, you could produce it from an impossible place.

Postby Bill Duncan » 09/05/01 02:52 PM

Originally posted by Joe Hanosek:
Any suggestions for tricks with a deck that is too worn to do your "normal stuff"?

Dingle's handling of card on forehead
Larry Grey's double spelling
... any number of impossible locations based on the locator card principle using one of the damaged cards "located" seven or eight cards away from the selection.

The best trick you could possibly do however, would be to have a nearly new (presumably bridge) deck that matches theirs in color and brand. Open the deck, do a couple of so-so effects and say "these cards are too old. Let's send them back in time to when they were new!" and transform the old cards into a fresh pack. Then the next time they ask you to do a trick you'll have better material to work with...

Next time you come over though be prepared to do something killer like color changing deck with "their" deck.

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Postby Guest » 09/05/01 08:59 PM

Hehe. I always carry my own cards too. But for a borrowed deck trick, a self-worker (or almost a self-worker) is definetly the ticket. Not the time to be busting out with four consecutive double lifts stuff. I really like Larry Jennings' "Impossible", and Bob King's "Impromtu Stunner" (if all 52 cards are there, that is..). These are strong effects and easy to do, regardless of the physical condition of the deck. Of course, if you are to the stage where the cards have tape and stuff on them, do Walton's "Card Warp", and then you can tape the cards back together at the end of the effect without making anyone mad...hehe.

Postby Raj Madhok » 09/05/01 11:25 PM

Two words: Impromptu OOTW
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