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Postby Bill Duncan » 07/20/03 12:13 PM

I'm working on some credits and I'd like to provide references in both book and video format for the readers. Ideally I'd like sources that are currently in available. Here are the tricks I"m looking to locate on video:

(Dingle's) The Card For Head Trick Page 49 The New York Magic Symposium Close-Up Collection one

Teachers Pet Page 125 Paul Currys Worlds Beyond

The Last Trick Of Dr. Jacob Daley Page 210 The Dai Vernon Book of Magic

The Changing Coin Page ??? Magic Of The Hands (Victor, xxxx)

(Vernon's original) Spellbound Page ??? Stars Of Magic

The Original Hanging Coins Page 82 David Roths Expert Coin Magic

The Mystery Card Page 34 The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings

The Ultimate Rip Off Page 113 The Art of AstonishmentBook 1

Twilight Page 263 The Art of AstonishmentBook 2

Reflex / Whack Your Pack Page 207 The Art of AstonishmentBook 3

The Homing Card Page 171 The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings

Thanks for helping me and my readers,
Bill Duncan
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