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Postby Guest » 07/05/04 05:02 PM

Hey all, I'm trying to find out how to get a hold of a deck of those trick cards they used in the movie "Shades" toward the end with Sly Stallone I couldn't make out what they were calling them, I think they called them "JewCards" or "VoodooCards" or somethings like that, :confused: but if you haven't seen the movie it's the cards with a standard red pattern on the back but it uses the "Magic Eye" technique uno kind of like the posters where an image becomes visable if you throw your eyes out of focus or look "thru" the image... anyhow that's kind of how these work showing the value of the card in the pattern on the back of each card... Please any links would be helpful or any e-mails too... Also check out my thread under Stage Magic if you think you could help me find some magic to intergrate into a Musical Concert... Thanks!

Postby Guest » 07/05/04 05:13 PM

Originally posted by musicgy:
...it's the cards with a standard red pattern on the back but it uses the "Magic Eye" technique ...
Google search for "3D Cards Random Dot Stereogram" should get it fast for you.

here is online about stuff: http://3d-playingcards.com/order.html

Postby Guest » 07/06/04 01:19 AM

hmmm. Maybe I was wrong about it using the Magic Eye Stereo Gram Technique, It just doesn't look like the same thing used in the film. I think it uses more of an out of focus method or using your perriferal vision to see the blurred value of the marked card... any help?

Postby Jeff Eline » 07/06/04 05:48 AM

In the film, they were called juiced cards or a juiced deck. I have no idea how to find them.
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Postby Guest » 07/06/04 08:09 AM

If you want information on "juice decks", basically how to make one and how to read it, see Card Finesse by Jon Racherbaumer. The item is simply called "The Juice Deck" and tips a method JR got from Martin Nash.

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Postby Guest » 07/06/04 08:27 AM

surely they sell them somewhere?

Postby Pete Biro » 07/06/04 08:35 AM

www.stevensmagic.com was selling the "Juice" -- usually one makes their own cards to mark them THEIR WAY... Try ball point pen ink and alcohol with a Q-tip.
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Postby Jim Morton » 07/06/04 08:54 AM

Be advised that there is a certain amount of disinformation in Shade when it comes to juice decks. I don't really recommend using a juice deck to perform magic. You'd be far better served with a Lesley or a Wild deck, or, if you prefer soemthing more subtle, any of the dozens of other techniques used to mark cards. Check out Marked for Life by Kirk Charles for information on the subject.

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Postby Pete Biro » 07/06/04 10:43 AM

Remember fun seekers... SHADE is a MOVIE... :cool:
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Postby Guest » 07/06/04 01:23 PM

Very true Pete. And all should know that in the commentary, director Damian says that the scenes where the numbers come in focus were computer special effects. I believe this was the only way to get the idea across.

Postby Guest » 07/06/04 05:18 PM

heeheeheehee I guess I should've watched the commentary the rest of the way thru (it got a little boring) lol but that makes alot of sense... Thanx everyone~ :o

Postby Guest » 07/07/04 07:21 AM

See also Darwin Ortiz's Gambling Scams for more on marked decks and the concept behind juice decks (he said, trying to actually be helpful...)


Postby Guest » 07/08/04 09:18 PM

The one juiced deck I actually touched/seen was NOT like the movie depiction at all. As I recall it was made by fading <slightly> spots on the backs of the cards not numbers as movie showed. Other thing I remember was coronary I almost had when I was told how much a deck was. Don't remeber the price but I felt it a little extreme concidering the other methods available for magicians. By the time you spend $$ on a deck & learn the system you would be much better served by getting some of the previously mentioned marked marked decks. IMO.

Postby Guest » 07/09/04 07:03 AM

If you do a search for "juice" at Hocus Pocus you might find what you're looking for.

Postby Guest » 07/09/04 08:50 AM

Does anyone know any other sources than Card Finesse where I could find instructions on how to make the juice? I know how to use it, how to mark cards with it but no one is telling me the actual solution. I would by Card Finesse but I have not been able to find it in the U.K.

Much appreciated,


Postby Guest » 07/09/04 05:55 PM

I have a resource where to get these Juice Decks..there are A LOT of different types of cards. E-mail me for more info if you are interested,...

Postby Guest » 07/18/04 06:24 PM


I believe that in the movie shade, as a few others have said, they are using some sort of juiced deck. Of course, in the movie it is very exagerated, for dramatic purposes I'm sure. I have looking into a bit, and realized that some of the juice is expensive, and can range from $100-200 dollars. Hank Lee is carrying a new product called "The Juice". This is considerably inexpensive, $25, and would be good to try out. But as others have said, it may not be the best marking system for magic purposes, becuase you generally mark on high and low cards with the juice, or just value, not suit too...although I'm sure you could. Check out Martin Nash's universal marking system for the juice. Good luck.


Postby Guest » 07/19/04 11:43 AM

Rogue productions magic and funshop 85-08 queens blvd 1-718-5050316 you can get the juice not the deck you put it on your own deck tell him six sent you he will mail the juice out to you.

Postby Guest » 01/01/05 07:21 PM

go to the web site below or look for a retail store, such as Hank Lee's, selling this stuff:


Here's what I can tell you after buying and using this system:

1. It is affordable at $25 a bottle
2. You use whatever marking pattern you want
3. It works best on Red Bee decks
5. It takes a bit of practice
6. It is virtually undetectable by others

Postby Pete Biro » 01/01/05 07:48 PM

Make your own cheap. Isopropyl alcohol and ink from a ball point pen. :cool:
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Postby Guest » 01/02/05 04:30 AM

more info in:

Marked for Live
By Kirk Charles
Page 26 Luminous Readers and Juice Decks

By Jon Racherbaumer
Page 159 Juice - Work (Not sure if this is what we are looking for, as i don't have the book handy)

hope this helps

Postby Guest » 01/15/05 08:20 AM

The deck used in Shade is called a Juice Deck

check your local magic dealer ;)

-Mikeymagic :genii:

Postby John Nicholls » 01/25/05 02:59 AM

John Cornelius had an item on the market some time ago which involved reading a selected card from the back using a red filter. A plastic clipboard, I think. The deck was juice marked on the backs.I don't know if this is still available.
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Postby Guest » 01/25/05 02:15 PM

The marked for life book from Kirk Charles is an incredible wealth of knowledge on all forms of marked cards. He describs how to make your own Juiced cards as well many other types. Just my 2 cents... Highly recomended.

Postby Guest » 07/17/05 04:00 PM

Here's a retail magic website that just started carrying juice decks and no heart attack will result from the prices. Very fair. I have bought other stuff from SpookClub and pricing is always good.

https://www.spookclub.com/advanced_sear ... ca5cdef4e2

Postby Guest » 07/18/05 03:31 PM

Kirk's book is a good investment. Hell, all of Kirk's books are a good investment, all the way back to "Tips On Tablehopping".

Juice decks are not the panacia that Shade makes them out to be. Using Juice, without getting caught is much hander than using a Wild deck, or some form of home made reader like the systems described in Marked For Life.

Reading Juice, under fire, is NOT a trivial thing. I would guess most novices using Juice would be more likely to get busted by a layman than those using an easier to read system (like Wild).

Watch ALL the commentary stuff and you'll hear Jason England and Paul Wilson talking about how long it took them to learn to read Juice. Paul's reaction to Jason's comment is priceless.

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