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Postby Brad Henderson » 02/20/13 06:40 PM

Over the next few weeks I will be liquidating quality items from two very large collections. I will be listing these items in short bunches, in an effort to help focus attention on the individual items as well as insure timely packing and delivery post sale. Future installments will include both collectible and modern items, including some high end electronic items.

Todays list will contain 5 items.

1)Warlock Frame Penetration Davenport. This is the original table top version of the jaw dropping glass penetration featured by Harry Blackstone in his stage shows. I remember the first time I saw Harry do this in fact, it may have been his premier of the item at an Abbotts Convention in Colon, Michigan. (Fun fact: Harry also premiered, or claimed it was the premiere, of Jim Steinmeyers wonderful Hot Air Levitation.)

The effect is simple but produces gasps. A sheet of glass or plexiglass is placed inside an attractive wooden frame. A panel is placed in front of the frame, covering one half of the pane. A threaded knitting needle is pushed through either or both of the star traps built into the wooden panel. The panel is removed and the glass shown to be unharmed.

The panel is now placed on the opposite side of the frame, hiding the other half of the glass. The glass is then penetrated through both holes, the thread weaving in and out of the traps. A second panel is placed over the still visible half of the glass, and the needle penetrates both of those traps, the thread seemingly sewn through the glass in four points. To see it is to be perplexed.

If that were not enough, the magician grabs the glass from the top of the frame and lifts it straight up. It comes out with ease, the thread melting through the material as if it were liquid. When Harry performed this phase, the audience gasped. To stump the skeptics, the unit can be turned around revealing the thread to still be exactly where it should weaving in and out of the frame through the traps.

The prop is in very good condition. It lacks the glass and the knitting needle though both are completely normal. The star traps are brittle with age and should be replaced. This item was originally purchased at auction for nearly twice what it is being sold for.

I own one of Willie Kennedys stage versions of this item and presented it in my shows for two years. It was one of those pieces that smart people would hold onto long after the show was over.

Unlike the large stage version which takes some assembly and a large case to transport it, this unit is perfect for the working magician performing both small and large venues. However, it will probably be happiest on the shelf of a doting collector one who might choose to dust it off every now and then to perplex his or her house guests.

Price: $375 plus actual cost of packaging and shipping.

2)Flexible Mirror Owen. I loved Doug Henning. I had the good fortune to see his show live twice, once as a 6th grader and then later in college. The Flexible Mirror remained one of my favorite pieces that he performed.

The effect is simple. A mirror in a wooden frame is displayed on both sides. It is placed into a loose, burlap type bag. A knitting needle is pushed through the bag, penetrating the glass in several spots. The magician, defying the laws of science even further, then proceeds to bend the entire mirror in half.

Doug used the Wellington model which is FABULOUS. However, if you ever get a chance to see Dick Barry present this, you will see that the Owen model is super nifty. Unlike the Wellington model, you can clearly and cleanly display both sides of the frame. Owens design is unlike any of the other in that the needed hardware is completely hidden. The workmanship on the frame is outstanding. One need only add an entertaining presentation, and you are well on your way to having a feature performance piece.

This item is in brand new, never used condition. Complete with mirror in frame, bag, needle, and instructions. Heres a chance to add this amazing wonder to your show or collection, at a great price.

Price $225

3)Flexible Mirror Pat Page/Colin Rose. Pat Page was a genius. One of my regrets in life is that I never got to know him beyond the casual Hi, Pat. Im Brad. I do magic too. If you want one of the best deals in magic, find his old Trik-a-tape series (rereleased by L & L) and watch everything. Pat had work on everything, and often took an idea one had never seen done well and turned it into something that looked like magic.

This is Pats take on the flexible mirror illusion. The mirror, made by Colin Rose, is oval in shape. It is wrapped in paper, the audience seeing clearly there is no extra room for moving or sliding parts. The mirror is penetrated by a knitting needle (not supplied). Then, to push the boundaries of wonder even further, the magician the bends the mirror in half. The paper is unwrapped and the mirror is seen to be unharmed.

Pats mirror has an extra added layer of deception not present in any of the others. This unit is in new condition. No bag or needles were supplied. This would be an amazing investment for fans of Pat Page, collectors of modern mechanical apparatus, or platform/stage magicians, This item, long out of stock and unavailable, originally sold for 225 British pounds, or $350.

Price: $175

4)I have mixed feelings about selling this item. Part of me wants to keep it for myself. I remember seeing the ad for it in the back of the paperback edition of George Andersons Magic Digest. For some reason, it spoke to me.

This is an original Haenchen The Plate Restored. It is complete to a degree few units are. The effect is quirky but wonderful. A miniature colonial style china hutch is displayed. Inside is a single plate. The back of the unit can be open to show the back of the plate, because (as the instructions note) the man who built this like to be able to see the back of his china. Ok, not much for motivated scripting, but this lovely touch conveys the illusion that one has seen through the entire hutch! So clever.
The plated is then removed and given to a small boy along with a hammer. (This trick was from kinder, gentler times when one would regularly invite a child on stage and give them tools of destruction.) The boy destroys the plate, and after the personal injury complaints are settled, all of the broken pieces but one are placed into a matching box. Next come the fires, and the guns (its all in the instructions!) the box is shown to be empty and VISIBLY the plate appears, restored, back in the hutch. But wait what about that non burned piece? It fits perfectly!

This unit, I am told, is VERY rare as it is indeed complete and working. Most sets are missing the vanishing box. There were two designs; this set is the more desirable of the two as the paint style matches that of the hutch. The box works exactly as designed all of the latches and springs present and working. The hutch looks great. It is white with decorative accents. The white could perhaps use a little cleaning, but I choose to leave that up to the purchaser. Its not dirty just not mint. The production mechanism is strong and works perfectly. The unit has the original instructions, though there is a tear in them, and even comes with EXTRA PLATES!

I know that there are some very informed collectors who regularly seek out vintage Haenchen items. Ive been given two or three prices some consider reasonable for this item. Basically, I kept to the low end. At auction with two serious collectors, who knows how high it would go. Here is the opportunity to add a jewel to your collection at a fair price.

Price: $325

5)Lemon to Orange Bill Tresslar.. The New Orange and Lemon Mystery was first released by Thayer in the 1920s. The magician demonstrates that a tube is empty while placing an orange onto a tray. A lemon is placed inside the tube. VISIBLY the orange changes into a lemon, and the tube is lifted to reveal the orange.

Bill Tresslar has taken the Thayer idea about brought it up to date by applying he resources available via modern technology. The effect is the same. The method is the same (though his version uses only one tray), but just more effective. If you like clever methods, you will like this trick.

Is it a worker, to use Michael Closes turn of phrase? Probably not. Is it a cool as hell thing to show the magic guys who come visit the collection? Absolutely. In fact, you could probably have as much fun just revealing they have been staring at the feke than you would in performing the whole trick for them.

Collectors take note. Tresslars items are in high demand and this item was produced in a limited edition of 12, of which this is number 3. Comes with instructions and certificate of limitation.

Price: $195

Payment by check and money order preferred. Paypal possible. Please note, I will NOT hold orders. Last list I made the same request. Someone begged that I hold an item and I made the mistake of agreeing. After waiting a week this schmo says he will give me less than half of the asking price. So, you can thank an unscrupulous council man from Louisiana for my no exceptions policy.

Purchasers of items of this list will receive first notice of future lists. Thank you, and I hope you find something that brings you joy!

Pictures available for serious inquiries

Brad Henderson
1907 West Pflugerville Parkway
Round Rock TX 78664
bradatbrad henderson dotc om

Will soon offer an entire lot of mentalism DVD's, most in new condition. Will be selling this AS a lot.
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Postby Gene Voshell » 02/22/13 06:31 AM

What is your email address? If I send an email to the one you have listed it bounces back as unknown.
Thank you,
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that was my attempt to avoid spam bots

brad at bradhenderson dot com
replace at with @ and dot with .

having said that I will see if I can get you via the genii system.
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