A Little Misty for the Tannen's Jubilee

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Postby Paul Richards » 02/18/13 10:07 AM

CBS Sunday Morning just did a great piece on the old school resorts of the Catskills.

Watching it, I couldn't help but think about my times working the Tannen's Jubilee. It was at Kutsher's when I was going and it appears they are the "last man standing" as far the Borscht Belt is concerned. Oy...

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/18/13 11:19 AM

I went to many hotels in the Castskills as a kid. Growing up in Queens in a family with limited funds, that's where we went for vacation. The hotels include The Granite, The Pines, Grossinger's, and of course Brown's hotel, where the Tannen Jubilee was held for decades.
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Postby IrishMagicNews » 02/18/13 12:23 PM

I really enjoyed that. Kinda sad that as the years go on, things change.

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Postby Steve Cohen » 02/18/13 12:46 PM

The Brown's Hotel (where I enjoyed the Tannen's Jubilee for many years) burned down last April.

Here's a NY Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/16/nyreg ... .html?_r=0
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Postby MaxNY » 02/18/13 06:33 PM

Great fun! The warped floors, endless meals, Tannen's was a must every Fall.
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Postby ForgetRich » 02/25/13 04:17 PM

I performed at the last one. I guess they got a look at my show and surmised magic is dead.
As a sidebar I could not help but feel that I was in the Dirty Dancing movie as I walked around the resort. Kutcher's I think.
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Postby Jonathanrian » 02/26/13 01:42 PM

Paul, thanks for that CBS link. I liked the line, "You don't need to be in Vienna to enjoy Mozart." I've never been to the Catskills, although I feel like I have... the place and era were romanticized in stories told to me by family over the years.

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