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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 02/01/13 02:17 PM

This is not so much about commerce per se (stuff I normally resist despite nags from practical people) as it is about finding new caretakers and giving them a run for their investment. That being said, here's the scoop:

Im currently changing the make-up of my Reference Archive, which in the future will for the most part be digitized except for a select number of personal, collectible, and rare hardcover books and artifacts. Although other consumers of information are likewise adapting in this way to our rapidly evolving Digital World, many magicians still embrace books, providing there is substantial content.

As things stand, Im currently divesting many hardcover books. Anyone interested in knowing what is available and the cost is invited to request a list.

After perusing the list, some may wish to choose an optional course. That is, anyone buying $35 worth of e-books from my renovated and enhanced Website can choose any item on my list, which will be sent freely, postpaid. My current catalogue ( consists of 22 e-books. (Many of these bargain-priced books and manuscripts were formerly available only to Premium Members on my former Website.)

So, if any of these offers interest you or you desire further information please contact me at

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