WTB : Intercessor by Gaetan Bloom

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Postby Bud.Scott » 01/31/13 10:38 PM

I'm looking for Intercessor by Gaetan Bloom. If you have one and would like to sell, or know of a reliable source. I prefer not to pay retail, but also don't want a Chinese knock off.

budscott at gmail.com

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Postby Gordon Meyer » 02/01/13 01:29 PM

"hard to find" and "less than retail" are often mutually exclusive. If you can give up the latter, try Midwest Magic. You won't find a more reliable source.
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Postby Michel Andenmatten » 02/01/13 02:59 PM

Gaetan Bloom sells it on his website.
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Postby Yann SICAMOIS » 02/04/13 01:55 PM


Unless it's urgent, I believe it would be wise to wait a bit as a DVD (gimmick included) is expected later this year.

But if it's urgent, it indeed can be found on Gatan's website.
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Postby dekram1 » 02/04/13 07:04 PM

Have one never used. I will let it go for $50.00 shipped in USA
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Postby Bud.Scott » 02/04/13 08:15 PM

Found one and have it coming. Thanks for all the replies.
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