Diminishing Lift Sequence

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Postby El Mystico » 12/23/01 06:55 AM

When showing a packet of four cards as all being identical -by means of triple, double and single lifts - there are a number of ways to handle the last card. Certainly Jennings has come up with a few. What approaches have people here found right for them?
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Postby Guest » 12/23/01 08:30 AM

well I only do this in the course of dingle's regal royal flush but I suppose you could to it in any effect where it is magical that all the cards are the same. I show the first three as the queen of spades and in the rhythm of the thing I turn to the person and say " and what do you think the last card is" as I pause for a beat and turn the card over, it's also a good Idea to make eye contact when you ask them the question.

-Noah Levine

Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/23/01 09:08 AM

This should not be called "The Diminishing Lift Sequence." This was a mistake of mine in writing the Dingle book that has continued to cause confusion through the years.
"The Diminishing Lift Sequence" was, I believe, first published by Ed Marlo in Ibidem. It involves having a small group of cards that is faced, in other words, three cards face down with three cards face up beneath them. Then there is at least one more face-down card beneath that. Here you turn over the entire faced block and then deal a card off. Turn over the block and deal another card off. This is the Diminishing Lift Sequence.
The item I mislabeled in the Dingle book, is Larry Jennings' adaption of another Marlo item from Future Classic. Here there is NO faced packet: you are simply doing a multiple turnover and the number of cards diminishes each time since you deal one off after the turnover. The Jennings improvement is to continue to hold the dealt-off cards in the right hand, in close proximity to the rest of the packet, thus, in my opinion, increasing the "all alike" illusion.
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Postby Guest » 12/23/01 03:39 PM

Gordon Bruce worked out a move to display a group of cards as all alike. He called it the duplicount. Very easy to perform and no extra cards.

I dont have a source reference to hand and dont want to post errounous information re the source.

Gavin Ross

Postby Guest » 12/23/01 08:13 PM

Here is my way for what it's worth to show four different cards as the same card. There is no switchery-do on the last card, and you don't have to retain cards in the right hand.

Best understood by following with cards in hand, as usual.

In left hand dealers grip are four face down cards. The top card is a joker, the other three cards are of your own choosing. You will be showing all four cards as jokers.

Turn over the top card, displaying the joker, then turn it face down. DL the top two cards
and place them beneath the packet. Block push-off the top three and flip face up to show the joker again; turn the triple face down. Move the top card to the bottom of the packet. DL and flip, showing the joker again. Turn the double face down. Put the top card underneath the packet. Turn the top card over, showing the joker again.

I think this sequence solves all the problems inherent with previous "diminishing lift" moves.

Credit where credit is due. I worked out this sequence after watching the Gypsy Monte trick on R. Paul Wilson's vid Knock 'Em Dead.

Paul did a terrific sequence with three cards, I extrapolated it to four.

If the above has been worked out and published somewhere else I apologize for the duplication.

Postby El Mystico » 12/24/01 04:04 AM

Thanks for all this.

Gavin - Gordon Bruce's handling is in his $10 lecture notes - from around 1985 (well, thats when he signed my copy anyway). A very neat handling. Give him my best wishes when you see him.

Richard - any thoughts on what this sequence OUGHT to be called???

Happy Christmas everyone!
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Postby pduffie » 12/24/01 05:06 AM

The Gordon Bruce "Duplicount" first appeared in Pabular, Volume 5, number 5, page 682. This was later re-invented by Daryl as "The Mexican Turnover Second Deal Switch."


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Postby Alpen » 12/26/01 02:20 AM

Aaron Fisher has a very cool count (which is similar to Larry Jennings,' as he mentions in the description.) I remember seeing it in his lecture, but if I'm not mistaken, it is also published in his one-man issue of Labyrinth.
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Postby Tomas Blomberg » 12/26/01 05:04 AM

Originally posted by Richard Kaufman:
Here you turn over the entire faced block and then deal a card off. Turn over the block and deal another card off. This is the Diminishing Lift Sequence.

So the original Diminishing Lift Sequence was meant for an All-Backs effect?


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Postby Randy DiMarco » 12/26/01 07:42 AM

I bottom deal on the second to last card (easy because you are only holding two cards).
Randy DiMarco
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