Looking for a abbotts bottle trick

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Postby Bill Reader » 01/27/13 08:48 PM

I have posted a picture of what I am looking for, please send me an email if you have a set in good shape wanting to sell for a fair price. Thanks

http://www.martinka.com/media/auction/4 ... 2226.1.jpg
Bill Reader
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Postby Gordon Meyer » 01/28/13 02:49 PM

Pretty amusing that the bottles are labeled "7-11" instead of "7-Up". In avoiding one trademark they stepped on another. (I'm guessing so, anyway.)
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Gordon Meyer
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Postby Syd » 01/28/13 02:52 PM

It's actually unlikely a trademark violation. The company that owns 7-11 probably did not - to my recollection - create a drink. You have to actually register different types of trademarks. So for example, I could register the name of a game and you could register the name of a drink and we would be fine. Just and FYI.

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