WANTED: Phoenix Bound Issues 101-150

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Postby paulsunday » 01/15/13 06:13 PM

At a reasonable price. To match the Dave Robbins edition. I bought my other volumes at a local magic shop.

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Postby Donhdunn » 01/15/13 06:31 PM

You know they're all available on a CD ROM, including the New Phoenix, and it's searchable.? If you see something you like, you can print out the pages.
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Postby paulsunday » 01/16/13 02:38 AM

Thanks. I actually own the CD-ROM.

But still like bound books.

You're right though---it is nice to search.
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Postby Gordon Meyer » 01/16/13 02:32 PM

I tried to find the 101-150 volume by itself for 3 years. The others are relatively easy to find as singles, but that one is scarce for some reason. (Perhaps it had a lower print run?) I eventually gave up and ended up buying a full set from another collector, then selling off my incomplete set, each separately. (Thus perpetuating the situation.) So hang in there Paul, I hope you have better luck than I did.
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