Slight Delay with the Digital Version of Genii's February Issue

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/15/13 01:23 PM

While the printed version of the February issue of Genii is already in the mail, my back went out the other day and am having a wee bit 'o trouble sitting at my desk for long periods, causing a delay in the preparation of the videos for the February digital issue.
I hope it will be live by the end of today or tomorrow.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Marco Pusterla » 01/15/13 05:07 PM

...still haven't received January's issue. However, with the holidays in the way, I think it's to be expected...

Get well soon!
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Postby magicalt » 01/15/13 11:17 PM

Feb issue arrived in El Paso today getting ready to watch the DVD
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Postby magicrobharv » 01/16/13 08:38 AM

Richard, take care of your back! Believe me, back pain is nothing to play around with. Besides, havn't you learned how to use a laptop while laying on your side, in bed? (or maybe that's just me being lazy) :)
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