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Postby Mike I » 01/13/13 09:40 PM

Perform genius mental feats. Read private thoughts. Control minds. See the unseen. Bend metal. Predict the future.

Are you interested in learning more about mentalism or mental magic? Read these green pages long enough and you'll find that, over and over again, certain mentalism DVDs are called "must-haves" for their value, teaching quality and depth of information. Performers change, times change, but the simple tools and concepts of mentalism remain powerful. I'm keeping my own DVD sets; these are extras I'm selling today. The discs and cases are all in new condition.

It's best to contact me through the email address at the bottom of this post.

Easy to Master Mental Miracles, vol. 1-4 (retails for $120; my firm price is $60 shipped. Even at full-price this set is a bargain.) or read more details here: ... ts_id=2082

Banachek's Psi-Series vol. 1-4 (retails for $135; my firm price is $65 shipped. Learn from one of the world's top mentalists. Remember the Psychic Pad Folio that got such great reviews a few months ago? It retails for $159.95. The Psi-Series DVDs explain how to make your own for about $20 or less. I did it - it's simple. The DVD then explains a strong Q&A with the folio as well as a drawing duplication that doesn't even require the participant to draw... only to imagine drawing an image. That's included plus much, much more.) ... sults_main or read more details here: ... ts_id=2056

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Postby Mike I » 01/15/13 07:48 PM

Easy to Master Mental Miracles set reduced to $58 shipped.

Banachek's Psi-Series set reduced to $62 shipped.

Upon request, buyers can get a free copy of my $15 ebook for mentalists and magicians, "Better Returns". If you'd like it just mention "Better Returns" in your email or PayPal transaction. Thanks.
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Postby Mike I » 01/21/13 05:45 PM

Banacheck Psi-Series is sold.

ETMMM still available for $58 shipped in the U.S.
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