Imam founder of Mostly Magic dies

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Postby Meir Yedid » 01/13/13 03:23 PM

Sad to report that Imam Hossain founder of Mostly Magic and very popular New York magician in the 1970s-1990s died on December 30, 2012 of a heart attack while visiting his family in Bangladesh.
Meir Yedid
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Postby F.Amílcar » 01/13/13 03:39 PM


As you know we met him in 1992 with Eric Decamps and Miguel Gmez when we were visiting U.S.A.

Our sincere condolences to his family of Miguel and I.

Truly yours,

F. Amlcar Riega i Bello.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/13/13 03:46 PM

Damn, I'm really saddened by this. We've just finished preparing an enormous cover story on Imam which will appear later this year.
My condolences.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Eric DeCamps » 01/13/13 04:16 PM

I just received a call with this very sad news. To be honest Im still in shock. I spoke with Imams widow Evelyn a little while ago and the family has no plans for a memorial service. If I hear of any changes in the familys wishes I will post it here.

Both Imam and Evelyn were responsible for the growth of many magicians in the NYC area. There are so many of us that are much better off because he touched our lives and gave us the opportunity to learn our craft, to fail, to succeed, and to grow as performers.

Rest in Peace Imam and thank you.

Eric DeCamps
Eric DeCamps
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Postby Matthew Field » 01/13/13 04:26 PM

Terrible news.

I lived around the corner from Mostly Magic and spent more than a little time there, including time with Slydini, who used to perform there every week. My son has a birthday party there, and I attended lectures by Juan Tamariz and Paul Harris, under the aegis of Tannen's.

Imam was a one-off, a totally original performer and a wonderful man. Evelyn was also a delight.

Eric DeCamps organized a tribute to him at the Centenary S.A.M. convention in New York City in 2002 and it was a lovely and highly emotional experience for all who loved Mostly Magic.

He will be missed.

Matt Field
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Postby DonB » 01/13/13 05:01 PM

I remember all of the great things he published in Hocus Pocus Magazine. Seemed to love magic quite a lot. He had a huge smile in all of the photos.

Looking forward to the stories, Richard. It will be great to know about the man even more.
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Postby M.Lee » 01/13/13 07:09 PM

Imam was a kind man.
He enjoyed performing and had unique twist on his work that made him a joy to watch.

Michael Lee
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Postby Max Maven » 01/13/13 08:17 PM

Imam was, quite simply, one of the best magicians I have ever seen. I often wondered if he knew just how good he was.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/13/13 09:02 PM

Indeed--right after the Genii Bash I smacked myself in the head and wondered why I hadn't hired him. He was extraordinarily modest, too. A lovely generous guy. I really feel terrible.
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Postby MaxNY » 01/14/13 06:46 PM

He performed on a Paul Daniels Show, give me 18 hours, and I will try a put it up on You-Tube.

I think his Open-mic night at Mostly Magic was used by several comedians as the perfect testing ground for new material.

Peace Imam
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Postby Steve Bryant » 01/14/13 09:39 PM

There is a nice bit about him in Eugene Burger's Strange Ceremonies.
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Steve Bryant
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Postby James » 01/14/13 10:22 PM

I remember spending many nights at Mostly Magic and Imam always had a smile on his face and was just one of the nicest and friendliest people you could meet. Here's a clip of him on The Best of Magic Show:

He's at the 29:40 mark.
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Postby MaxNY » 01/14/13 11:12 PM

James, Thanks for pointing us in this direction. I think this is the piece I have, probably from "Best of Magic", maybe not Paul Daniels.
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Postby Bill Mullins » 01/15/13 02:17 AM

Thanks for the link. Immediately following Imam is Robert Harbin doing Zig Zag Girl.
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Postby mgfhof89 » 04/05/13 10:50 PM

I just heard of Imam's passing through Mark Mitton, with whom I had become, by chance, reacquainted, over 20 years after I saw him perform at Mostly Magic where I had the pleasure of working as a server for the restaurant. Besides Mark, I remember Meir and the other magicians I enjoyed watching during my shifts long ago. As I think of Imam, I remember a fabulously talented magician who was also a businessman and my boss and the hard work that he and Evelyn poured into making every event and evening at Mostly Magic very special and of course... Magical.
Marla Flecker
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