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Postby Jamie Badman » 03/06/02 05:57 AM


First, sorry about taking up another topic rather than the previous; it's just that it's likely most people had tired of the previous conversation and would ignore any further discussion on the subject and would therefore miss this announcement. I'm hoping that it's of sufficient interest to justify a new topic - moderators - if it's not, then please feel free to move it!


I've thought long and hard about the whole thing and have come to the conclusion that Matthew Field and Richard Kaufman are correct; $30 is too much to ask for the manuscript. My pricing was wrong given the market, though I still believe if you consider the utility of the move itself and the use you'd get out of it, the price was fair.

So, here's what I'm going to do.

The Underground Change is still available, at $30, for the printed version.

But there's now an alternative - you may order a PDF version for just $15. This you can order directly from me, either by sending me some cash or by using PayPal and sending it to ! It is a 2.5 meg file, so you need to ensure you have a mailbox large enough to take it before you submit your order!

So... what's to stop just a few people from buying it and then sending it around to all and sundry ? Well very little. I'm having to put some serious trust in the community in order to do this. But as an added incentive for people to play fair, when you order it from me, I will add you to to an E-Group which is a forum for discussion about the move. On this forum I will attempt to help anyone having trouble with the move, I will also offer additional video clips and effects. I encourage others to do the same on there. I'm hoping that for $15 this now represents very good (dammit; DISGUSTINGLY good!) value for money and that my (constructive) critics will now be silenced!

Finally, for those of you who have already ordered the manuscript in paper form, you're probably reading this and feeling pretty upset about having paid $13 more. Well what I'm going to do for you guys is to paypal (or send) you each $8 (or 5) back. And of course, you all get access to the E-Group too. I hope everyone feels this is fair - if any do not, they can simply send me back the manuscript and I'll refund them their full payment minus my shipping costs.

So... if you've thought about buying The Underground Change but balked at the price then balk no more! I hope that I'm making the right decision here and I'll see some real support for my decision but only time will tell. If you do buy it, then please support my actions here by not passing it on to your friends; it was this possibility that originally caused me to reject the idea of electronic distribution in the first place. Hopefully the introduction of added value via the E-Group will provide incentive enough for individual purchases to seem worthwhile!

Hey, now I know why Jon R keeps saying 'onward'...!


Jamie Badman.
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Postby Matthew Field » 03/06/02 07:29 AM

Jamie -- a great idea. I thank you.

You are a gentleman.

Matthew Field
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