WTB Yellow Back Bicycle Deck With Regular Faces

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Postby Martin Kaplan » 01/11/13 12:13 PM

I am looking to purchase a yellow back Bicycle Rider Deck with the usual, normal faces. I am not looking for the reverse printed yellow deck. Shipment is to Spain. Please contact me at martinkaplan@ono.com. Thank you!
Martin Kaplan
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Postby Smurf » 01/11/13 01:13 PM

These are very rare right now. I suppose Bicycle may reprint them. They have done that with some other colors but I haven't seen a reprint of the yellow. Expect to pay $30 USD for a deck + shipping. However, you may be able to find a deal somewhere if you are patient.

There is one seller on Ebay who has one listed. Though the seller is in Taiwan, shipping isn't that bad - only $4.95 to the Spain. The deck is $31.95 though. I have purchased once from that seller and everything went well and they sell so much I wouldn't be too concerned.
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Postby Paul Green » 01/12/13 02:25 AM

Hi Marty,

Check with Martin Grams at http://www.martinismagic.com/

He might have access to the needed cards, and he is a very nice guy!

Enjoy the Search!

Paul Green
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Postby MartinKaplan » 01/12/13 12:12 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I will check both sources although the ebay price is more than I care to pay at this particular moment in time.

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