Derren Brown interview on EMC 2012

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Postby Steve Bryant » 01/06/13 07:15 PM

For those of us who enjoyed EMC 2012 this summer, one of the bits that didn't quite come off as planned was Guy Hollingworth interviewing Derren Brown in London via Skype. The connection was a tad glitchy, so, given that both Guy and Derren live in London, it was promised that Guy would interview Derren later and the interview would be available on the DVDs. This has come to pass as promised!

I almost missed it. I finally unwrapped my DVDs and began watching the interview, but it was the original (the Skype with all the glitches). I nearly turned it off, but fortunately turned aside to work on something else, and soon the thing segued into the new, crystal clear interview with Guy and Derren sitting together for a very nice chat. I'll not spoil any surprises, but simply encourage those who received the DVDs to actually watch.

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Postby Joe Pecore » 01/06/13 08:44 PM

I was looking for that. Thanks!
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Postby IrishMagicNews » 01/07/13 09:32 AM

It was very refreshing to see the honesty that Derren talks with here. Especially when it came to the financials of his early TV work.

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