What if Blaine did Sam The Bellhop...

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Postby Q. Kumber » 12/31/12 11:13 AM

Best laugh of the season. Thanks for that.
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Q. Kumber
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Postby Ted M » 12/31/12 12:12 PM

It's a hilarious idea to contrast Blaine's laconic minimalism with Malone's exuberant verbosity, but the tone and attitude here are way off the mark. Blaine is not aggressive in his demeanor and does not posture ostentatiously. Nor would he animalistically eat the card box.

This video maker is projecting a lot of stereotypical cultural baggage onto David, qualities which really have no other connection to him other than their association with other African-Americans.

A well-wrought parody works with what the subject provides, and reveals something about its subject. This video mostly just seems to reveal something unfortunate about its maker's attitudes towards race.
Ted M
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Postby Bob Cunningham » 12/31/12 12:39 PM

I liked it! Very funny :-)
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Bob Cunningham
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Postby erdnasephile » 12/31/12 01:30 PM

Ha! Awesome!
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Postby IrishMagicNews » 12/31/12 02:36 PM

Tyler Wilson I think.

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Postby Roy McIlwee » 12/31/12 11:01 PM

Very funny! How could anyone ever compare Bill Malone's great technical ability to an inferior card man like Blaine? Great video. Roy Mcilwee, Scranton, Penna.
Roy McIlwee
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Postby Trovatore » 01/01/13 03:53 AM

I didn't think it was particularly funny. The best part was him doing the fist cheer using Blaine's name instead of Malone's.
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