M.U.M. is really terrific!

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Postby erdnasephile » 12/31/12 06:32 AM

If you haven't checked out M.U.M. lately, I'd highly recommend it.

Scott Alexander has started a new series discussing the great Denny Haney's techniques on some classic effects, while Bob Farmer begins a bimonthly column I can't wait to study.

These (along with the recently completed Perovich series and Norman Beck's musings) have made M.U.M required reading for me.

Mike and Lisa (along with their contributors) are doing a bang up job!

(Nice to see a Robert D. Michaels reference as well...)
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Postby Jeffrey Cowan » 12/31/12 12:18 PM

Concur. Mike & Lisa have done a remarkable job in transforming the magazine. I wish it had been this good when I was a teenager!
-- Jeffrey Cowan
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Postby Bob Farmer » 12/31/12 04:43 PM

Yes, Mike and Lisa actually came to my house and insisted I cough up a pile of tricks. Mike, in his usual way, has improved the first entry, "The Casino Inspector" by adding one little change that makes it even better.

As to Robert D. Michaels appearance, I see someone is marketing a somewhat inferior version of one of Robert's effects.



For $40 you could buy David Ben's book, "Tricks," get the superior Michaels version plus some other great effects (David is a confidant of RDM).

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