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Postby Kent Gunn » 12/28/12 10:56 PM

You can see Eoin's web page description here:

This shouldn't matter, but Eoin sends you the jig in an Erdnase-Green case that has canvas straps. It looks great!

I've spent enough time with it to dull on of the three razor blades Eoin packs in the package. They're standard, old razors. I'd already picked up 20 of them before the jig showed up, in anticipation.

This device is not for beginners, or those with little patience for delicate, deliberate work. It is not a self-working device. It is a device of infinite possibilities though.

After creating a rather large pile of reject cards, I broke out the instructions Eoin includes. (you can read them on the website link above)

With that information and some patient repetition, I'm turning out any type of edge I desire. You can easily trim all four edges of a card. (you have to make four different settings with the jig). I've wanted a small stack of small (don't know what else to call them) all the way arounders for a while.

Bellys and Scallops are completely within this jigs range. It may take you some time to get four exactly the way you want them . . . or say three sets of four . . .

I don't believe I can make a full stripper deck with it right now. It will take me some time before I can make 52 identical cuts. I'm practicing though. NOTE: I suspect this is not the tool to make a normal stripper deck. I have one of Riser's rigs he described, right here on this board for that.

This device is an advanced tool for the card guy that . . .

is probably going to cheat people with it. I plan on making some gaffs to replace ones I've cut with less precise tools.

It does what Eoin says it will do. You must be patient and have some chops with hand tools. I'd get one if I were you. I suspect when he chooses to quit making them, they'll be impossible to find.


PS . . . This thing is a real innovation. The flaw in most other designs, an integral blade with scissor-types, doesn't exist in this one. Get a set of shim stock wipers on a wheel and you can make any freaking kind of stripper at any depth. It's a good deal at the price!
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Postby Jim Riser » 12/29/12 03:15 AM

Try this. Insert the card to be trimmed. Rather than placing the tip of the blade in the position illustrated in the docs, place the heel of the blade into position. As you trim the card, slightly pull the blade back towards your palm. This motion creates a slicing action rather than just a cutting action. You might find that you get a cleaner/smoother cut and that your blades last longer.
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Postby Kent Gunn » 12/29/12 11:45 AM


I'm making progress. Gripping the card firmly, and slicing slowly seems to be working well. Drawing the blade as you described helped. I've upgraded my cutting tool though.

This jig is great. I've got an old straight razor that's hella sharp. It's longer handle is allowing me more control. Ten cards, then the steel on the razor.

Sharp is good. A jig that has the cutting edge separate really is a great idea.

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Postby Kent Gunn » 12/30/12 09:30 PM

Nice Strop!

Nearly worn my dad's out. It's probably sixty years old. Don't think I need the Kangaroo strop, little price.

Shave a deck, strop. Shave five decks steel then strop. We're not sharpening the razor we're bending the fine blade back to perfectly straight.

As always James,
Thank you.

PS. This jig is a great tool. I can now do an entire deck. Where's that darned corner rounder I ordered from Lybrary? I grow weary of hand-sanding the corners. Mighty FINE strippers.
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