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Postby Bill Wells » 12/26/12 11:21 PM

It is with a heavy heart that I am passing on the very sad news that my long time friend Scotty York is now in a Hospice facility in Northern Virginia and is near the end of his time with us. He was taken to a hospital about a week before Christmas and has apparently suffered a series on mini strokes. He is not able to speak and is in a near coma. His family are with him. I will pass on any further developments as I learn them from his son.
Bill Wells
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Bill Wells
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/27/12 12:48 AM

Sorry to hear that, Bill. He was a good magician in his day.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby magicking » 12/27/12 01:24 AM

My prayers for Scotty, I hate to hear this
Michael King
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Postby Tom Gilbert » 12/27/12 02:24 AM

Scotty is one of a kind.
Tom Gilbert
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Postby Ivanovich » 12/27/12 10:28 AM

Very sad to hear this. Scotty has been an inspiration for years.
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Postby P.T. Murphy » 12/27/12 11:54 AM

Sending vibes of love and light.
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Postby fkaps1 » 12/27/12 12:30 PM

I am so very sorry to hear this. Scotty is a fine magician and creator. He was always so generous to me. I had the pleasure of visiting him at his home many times and had him visit mine during the last two NY Coin Seminars, which he participated in. I hope he rest easy and he will be missed.

Marc DeSouza
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Postby Michael Close » 12/27/12 08:09 PM

One of my fondest memories is of an evening at Scotty's house with Tim Conover, Eric Mead, Bob Sheets, and Tommy Wonder. It was a night of wonderful magic and great laughs.
Michael Close
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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 12/27/12 09:21 PM

Among so many other things, Scotty was a "connector" and "catalyst" that created a synergistic effect in what was once called "the underground" --which happened during a time when most of the good stuff was relatively sub rosa. Yet when this semi-secret "magic" eventually emerged or leaked out into the mainstream it was exciting, if not inspiring. And it served to make those desiring to make a difference to try harder, practice more, think more deeply, and add something lasting to our art. Needless to say, there was also lots of smoke and mirrors, fire and ice, rumors and rousting. But in the end, there is the work that has survived and the perpetuators that are still whinnying with us.

My sadness is deep. My condolences to all concerned.

Jon Racherbaumer
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Postby Dave V » 12/28/12 03:59 AM

Like Michael, I too enjoyed an evening at Scotty's house, thanks to Bill Wells. When he told me "Let's go see Scotty" I figured he meant go to where he worked, not his living room! After dinner, we spent the rest of the evening at his house as he brought out nearly every effect in his repertoire, and then visited his basement workshop where props present and future were in various states of assembly.

It was Scotty who believed in my meager offering of a card trick to take it and turn it into something. I never saw any commission from it, but I didn't care. That evening was payment enough.
"I still play with a full deck, I just shuffle slower"
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Dave V
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Postby Peter Wentworth » 12/28/12 01:20 PM

So very sad to hear about how ill Scotty is. My story goes back to around 1972/3 when I was flying with the British Royal Air Force and on a regular schedule to Washington. Scotty was quite new to magic at this time and my good friend Roy Johnson has asked me to take a small gift to him. Once I had checked in to the Holiday Inn just outside Andrews Air Force Base I called Scotty and he said that he would come and collect. After he arrived and we had started our conversation Scotty offered to show me a routine that he was working on - and proceeded to show me the most amazing 3 coin Spellbound routine that I had ever seen!!! Just fantastic!! At this stage I knew that he was going to ask me to show him something!!! Oh my goodness!!!! How could I follow that???! My favourite routine at the time was Don Alans Nudist Deck Routine from his 1960 book Pretty Sneaky. I performed it and Scotty asked if he could use my phone. He dialled a number and I heard him say 'Art - I have just seen the best god'dammned Nudist Deck routine I have ever seen'. Yes he had called Art Emerson who was in Al Cohen's Magic Shop. I was rushed out of the hotel, into his car and down to Als where Art was waiting with a Nudist Deck - all I can say is - what an interesting lesson in magic !! We met several times after that - Very Happy Memories of Scotty
Peter Wentworth
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Postby Bill Wells » 12/28/12 04:30 PM

I am very sad to report that Scotty York passed away today.

He will be greatly missed - may he rest in peace.
Bill Wells
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Bill Wells
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Postby Tom Gilbert » 12/28/12 04:51 PM

We should all raise one for Scotty. I got to spend a bunch of time with Scotty when he was at Simon Lovell's place in CT. Great guy and he'll be missed. Thanks to the NY Coin guys, he's on some fairly recent video.
Tom Gilbert
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 12/28/12 05:36 PM

So sorry to hear this. Farewell Silver Fox. You were one of a kind.
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Dustin Stinett
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Postby Bill McFadden » 12/28/12 06:51 PM

Scotty will always be an inspiration. On each of the two occasions where I was fortunate enough to spend time with him, he was funny, generous and warm. I'll never forget the laughs we had comparing stories of our respective "former selves." Sleep well, Brother.
Bill McFadden
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Postby John Carney » 12/28/12 08:37 PM

When I was just a teenager, Faucett Ross told me of a visit by Scotty York, and the original, wonderful magic he had performed. When we finally met, I saw some really great magic that inspired me greatly. We corresponded and phoned for many years. He made many suggestions and encouraged me. I held his originality as a goal to shoot for.

He was never satisfied with things as they were.... would never do anything right out of the book or magic shop. Everything had an original touch or spin. I marveled at his creativity and brilliance at solving problems and making some of the most unique magic I have seen. His magic was used by some of the best, including Tim Conover and Fred Kaps.

I'm a better magician for having known him.

Goodbye to my friend Scotty
John Carney
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Postby Mike Rubinstein » 12/28/12 11:26 PM

What terible news. I was lucky to have met Scotty at our New York Coin Magic Seminars, when he came up with Bill Wells. He was eager to share his wonderful magic with the guests, and everyone found him to be so friendly and humble. He gave everyone a copy of his booklet, Scotty York on Coins (which is a great book!!). For those who have the New York Coin Magic DVD series, take another look at his copper silver transposition, which is a lesson in itself on audience management, and his Sweet Little Trick, is sweet indeed! Thanks Scotty, for sharing all of your incredible knowledge with the magic community. You will be missed.
Mike Rubinstein
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Postby AnthonyBrahams » 12/29/12 09:02 AM

Such sad news.I have been with Scotty in England at his wonderful lecture, at Fechters and near Washington. Always friendly and helpful with dazzling magic to show. Sympathy to his good friend who helped him, Bill Wells.
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Postby Frank Yuen » 12/29/12 09:57 AM

RIP Mr. York. My condolences to his family and friends.
Frank Yuen
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Postby F.Amílcar » 12/29/12 11:55 AM

Dear friends,

Our most sincere condolences to his family from Barcelona-Spain.

I would like to say so sorry from the whole magic community in Spain.
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Postby Bill Wells » 12/29/12 10:22 PM

For those of you in the Washington, D.C. area:

A memorial service will be held for Scotty York at the

Old Hickory Golf Club
11921 Chanceford Drive
Woodbridge, VA

on Thursday, January 3rd from 3 to 6 pm

This is the club where Scotty worked and pursued his second passion - golf - the past few years.
Bill Wells
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Bill Wells
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Postby Bill Wells » 12/30/12 01:01 PM


Please disregard my last message. The family has decided to delay the service for Scotty until later so that some who wished to be there will be able to attend. As soon as the new date is selected - probably the last week in January or the first week in February - I will let everyone know.
Bill Wells
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Bill Wells
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Postby Bill Wells » 12/31/12 05:20 PM

Scotty York Memorial Service

The NEW date for Scottys service is Saturday, January 26

It will be from 3 to 6 pm at the:

Old Hickory Golf Club
11921 Chanceford Drive
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192
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