Fred Kaps' "I am in Debt"

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Postby Guest » 04/07/02 10:41 AM

in James Swain's book "21st Century Card Magic" there is a trick called "I am in Debt" (page 108). While Fred Kaps is credited for the presentation, the method is said to be "changed considerably" by James Swain.
Does anybody know the original handling/Routine that was used by Fred Kaps or in which way it differs from Swain's version? Is it published?
Thanks and greetings from Germany,

Postby Guest » 04/07/02 11:25 AM

Maybe you can send a mail and ask Paul Cummins, you can find his adress here:

Postby Guest » 04/07/02 04:14 PM

From what I remember reading part of his addition is the ending with the card changing under their finger, I don't have the book with me at the moment. Now I am less sure but I think the addition of the ascanio technique was also new.

Noah Levine

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