Bill Miesel Has Died

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/24/12 02:13 PM

Just got an email from Jim Alfredson alerting me to the fact that Bill Miesel, editor of The Precursor for many years, died of a coronary in his sleep yesterday. He'd been ailing for quite a few years.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Jim Patton » 12/24/12 05:15 PM

Bill was a gentleman and a true scholar. We had a great deal in common, besides card magic. The both of us served in US Army Intelligence.
R.I.P., Bill......your legacy will endure. Thanks for all the great contributions you made to the craft......
Jim Patton
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Postby Evan Shuster » 12/24/12 05:21 PM

So sorry to hear the news.
Evan Shuster
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Postby luigimar » 12/24/12 05:43 PM

May he rest in peace...
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Postby Bob Farmer » 12/24/12 05:49 PM

Bill was a great guy. This is very sad news.
Bob Farmer
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 12/24/12 08:46 PM

Sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.
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Dustin Stinett
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Postby Paul Cummins » 12/24/12 09:56 PM

Gentle. Friendly. Humorous. Great guy. RIP Bill.
Paul Cummins
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Postby Russ » 12/24/12 10:31 PM

I talked to Bill around Thanksgiving. He jokingly told me that he would be next to be read about in the obit section of TLR although he did that all of the time. He was feeling good and was going out to eat with family 3 x/ week. To see his library was a treasure. It literally took up the entire house. To hear his stories of Marlo, Hamman, Vernon, Skinner, Elias, etc. left a magician in true wonder. He published my first effect. He taught me history. His books, especially Kellar's Wonders with Mike Caveney are a joy to read. He was a treasure!. I was going to call him today to say Merry Christmas as I do on the Eve. My loss. I love Erie , Pa, but I just lost a great piece of it. Goodbye Bill, thanks for the Mellon stuff, Marlo stuff and everthing in between... Russ Raven Polizzi
Russ Polizzi
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Postby Evan Shuster » 12/24/12 11:12 PM

Ironically, the very last book I bought (just earlier this week) was "Moe and His Miracles With Cards." I look forward to spending New Year's Eve with Bill and Moe.
Evan Shuster
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Postby Matthew Field » 12/25/12 09:06 AM

Very sorry to hear this. Bill wrote a couple of good books and I enjoyed Precursor very much -- even had an effect of my own in it.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby David Stahl » 12/25/12 12:19 PM

Very sorry to hear the news of Bill's passing. Bill was very helpful to me during my numerous trips to Erie, PA. My time in Erie wouldn't have been the same without Bill. Bill was a true gentleman and was always generous and sharing of information. Thank you Bill, you will be missed. Rest in Peace my friend.
David Stahl
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Postby JimAlfredson » 12/25/12 12:56 PM

A phone call yesterday from Ed Eckl told me of the passing of our great mutual pal Bill Miesel on the 23rd. Bill died in his sleep of a massive coronary; he is survived by his sister. A friend of many years, Bill was well-known by not only 'card addicts,' but by so many others in magic who appreciated his wide knowledge of the art. Bill was a voracious collector of books on magic and related arts, and an inveterate attender of conventions; in fact being one of the senior members of the veterans of Fechter'sFFF, at which the Eckl-Miesel parties were a popular late-night feature. Bill was splendid company, who loved nothing better than a good German meal, a few libations, and good conversation. Alas, his health in the past few years limited his travel, and he regretfully put the conventions aside. I promise I'll think of you Bill, whenever the martini glass is lifted.
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Postby hugmagic » 12/29/12 08:14 PM

Bill and I roomed together a few times at the LA Conference and shared a lot of time at FFFF over the years. He was one of few that had been to all of the FFFF's until his illinesses curtailed his travels.
Bill and Ed Eckel were always in the Precursor suite. Bill could eat almost anyone. I never saw a guy eat as much as him. He would literally order two entres after big appetizer.
His work on Erie's other magician, Harry Kellar, was monumental. He would visit with Nick Trost in Columbus, Ohio, while he went through the old newspaper archives at Ohio State. Thankfully, Mike Caveney put the finishing touches on the book and got it published for Bill.
Last year at FFFF, his sister had driven him up for the day to visit. He still had the same sparkle in his eyes and that crazy chuckle laugh.
He would be lost without his notebooks naming all the books he owned. He loved his library.
Bill, I miss you buddy. I cherish the photo of Ed, you and me we took together a collector's many years ago.
Rest in peace dear friend.
ps. Russ I remembered when Bill introduced us at FFFF when you were working on a code act.
Richard Hughes
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