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Postby Terry Oberman » 12/21/12 02:03 AM

Real Secrets members should check out the new bonus routine and some info on year 2. Plus there is a Michael Weber Effect for sale.

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Postby erdnasephile » 12/21/12 10:46 AM

Thanks, terrific!

(I've never heard of that new Michael Weber effect and I have no idea what it does.)
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Postby PickaCard » 12/21/12 03:49 PM


Could you give us an idea of the new Michael Weber item up for sale?

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/21/12 05:58 PM

I purchased one at Magic-Con last year (I think, though it might have been at TAOM). I can't really say what it is, other than that it's a clever idea to turn something that wasn't really portable into something that is, and takes very little room. You could slip it into your iPad case, for example. When opened up, it does a very fun thing for a decent-size group,
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