Close Encounters of the STEVE kind!

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Postby Sketchomagic » 12/08/12 08:27 PM

So I was picking up my Tony Clark magic pad from being repaired at The Magic Apple in Studio City today. After a few minutes of talking magic with another fellow magician, I was telling him about JumpINK and then we started talking about "3 by Steve Valentine". I was sharing my memory of Steve performing at the Castle years ago right before his break on Crossing Jordan T.V. show. As I was talking a man and his baby walked into the shop that I could see from my peripheral vision. I didn't really pay attention to who walked in, and I kept right on talking. As I looked up to see who it was, I felt a sudden jolt as my brain slowly began to recognize the man...its Steve Valentine! Standing there in the flesh, with baby in front carrier. Keep in mind I haven't seen this man in a very long time. Eerie coincidence? If so then coincidences are one of the worlds only real form of unexplainable occurrences, ergo...magic. For Steve to have walked in after 8 plus years, at the exact moment as I was explaining THREE to someone, and sharing my castle memory of Steve, is crazy impeccable timing. ... =1&theater

Great seeing you Mr. Valentine, thanks for the magic insight and conversation!
Till the next time magic fiends...
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