Restaurant workers - any Olive Garden experiences?

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Postby pixsmith » 12/07/12 02:46 PM

I'm looking for folks who may have worked Olive Garden, and wondering if I could ask a few quick questions.

Thanks for your time -- PM me and I can email you back if that's easier.


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Postby Oddly Bent » 01/12/13 05:40 PM

Great food but the one here is very close quarters with people running helter skelter, maybe too busy for someone who might get in the way.
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Postby Richard Hatch » 01/13/13 01:43 AM

Ron Wilson performed at the Olive Garden in Wichita Falls, Texas for over 15 years (and may still perform there, for all I know!). Here's his website:
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Postby Doug Thornton » 01/13/13 03:52 AM

Pix, this is no help to you, but it was a funny Conan O'Brien joke. He said, "Olive Garden is running a contest to win a trip to Italy...I hope the winner is the chef from Olive Garden..."
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