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Postby Umpa Duze » 12/04/12 03:07 PM

The Book Seven Basic Secrets of Illusion Design OOP since 2007 has been reformatted and retitled as The Magician's Secrets of Illusion Design. It will be available tomorrow online on Kindle through for $9.99. Just in time for Christmas?

Below is what Tom Osborne of Illusion Systems wrote about the book:

For the serious student of illusion, this is the ultimate book. With over 170 pages explaining over 90 illusions, this tome is the place to start. Never has there been a collection in one publication giving the secrets, dimensions and concepts behind all the basic illusions, plus building and performing tips. It's all covered from appearances, disappearances, mutilations and exchanges to several forms of levitations. This is not a book of detailed illusion plans. Instead it's a compilation of the greatest illusions in the world. You will use this book to decide which illusions are best to build and which illusions best suit your performance style.

Whether you are buying, building or performing, or just want to reference stage props, you will choose your illusions and illusionettes from this book. If you have ever wondered how an illusion works, this book will explain it. From Agas to Zig Zags, it covers them all, plus design and construction tips as well as valuable information on types of wood to use for specific illusions; use of velcro, hinges, power tools and plastics.

It's over 170 pages of total usable information and hundreds of detailed illustrations with measurements and full explanations no illusionist can be without.

The book has been reviewed a number of times with positive comments such as:

it's exactly the kind of explanatory, thorough book I've been looking for a long time, (ie, not just illusion-plans)

This book is well written and very complete and a great value to guys like me interested in the art and for those already involved with it I made three basic illusions using different concepts (from the book) using a Barbie Doll as my assistant and it worked!

Really a must for anyone interested in illusion design.

Whether you are interested in designing your own illusions or simply want to expand your knowledge and become a more sophisticated observer, this book offers a comprehensive understanding of the techniques used in virtually all stage illusions.
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