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Postby M Petersen » 12/03/12 11:24 PM

I have a bunch of DVDs from a collection I purchased,and since we don't sell used DVDs on the website, I will put them here. All DVDs are $12 and domestic shipping is included.

1. Art of Card Manipulation V2 by Jeff McBride
2. Professional Close Up Magic 1 by Michael Skinner
3. AirRise by Who's Magic
4. Vernon Revelations V 5&6(still in shrink wrap)
5. Twisted by Andrew Mayne
6. Slow Burn by Richard Sanders
7. Ghost Vision by Andrew Mayne
8. 10 Below Zero by Andrew Normansell
9. Tales from the Planet Bloom V1 by Gaetan Bloom
10. Harry Lorayne's Best Ever Collection Vol 4
11. Harry Lorayne's Best Ever Collection Vol 3
12. Cabaret Magic by Ted Lesley
13. Jeff Sheridan Vol 1: The Street Act
14. Jeff Sheridan Vol 2: Card Manipulation
15. Ghost Bills by Andrew Mayne
16. Metal Bending: The Real Work by Patrick Kuffs
17. L&L World's Greatest Magic: Card to Wallet
18. Visu-antics by Jim Pace
19. Outside the Box by Nathan Kranzo
20. Pinnacle: THe Crown Jewel Of Impromptu Rubber Band EFfects by Russ Niedzwiecki
21. X- Marks the Spot by Justin Miller
22. Perfection by Oz Pearlman
23. Phantom Band 360 by Brian Rodgers
24. Done by Misdirection by Manuel Muerte
25. Cabaret Mind Reading by Ted Lesley
26. Essential Colombini V3
27. Time and Space by Justin Miller
28. Vernon Revelations V3&4
29. Vernon Revelations V1&2
30. Jeff Sheridan V3: Original Magical Creations
31. Jeff Sheridan V4: Stand Up Stunners
32. Tagged by Richard Sanders
33. Quarter Through Soda Can by Wayne Houchin
34. Trickery by David Forrest
35. Banding Around by Russel Leeds
36. Siamese Twins by Bill Goodwin
37. Illusion EFX by Andrew Mayne
38. Sankey's Best Magic with Ordinary Objects
39. The Omega Mutation by Cameron Francis
40. The Midnight Show by Scott Alexander
41. 7 Secrets to Success by Paul Romhany
42. Sal Piacente: Street Monte
43. Bill Abbott Performs Stand Up Magic for Kids
44. Highlights of Paul Daniels Masterclass
45. Merlin's Classic Workers 2 Disc Set
46. Slow Burn by Richard Sanders
47. Between 2 Minds V1 by Haim Goldenberg and Guy Bavli
48. 10 O'clock Show by Scott Alexander
49. Between Two Minds V3 by Haim Goldenberg and Guy Bavli
50. Jeff Prace's Keylicious
51. David Stone Vol 1
52. Paul Green In the Trenches
53. 24 Seven Vol 1 by John Carey
54. Chan Canasta Live On Television March 18 1960
55. Bottle Up Inside by The Trickery
56. Sal Piacente Street Monte Three Shell Game
57. Real World Magic by Dave Jones
58. Chill by Tom Wright
59. Believe by Aaron DeLong

Each DVD is $12 with domestic shipping included. If someone wants to all 59, I will sell them for $400. I can take Paypal, check or Credit cards. Please email me at with inquiries. Thanks guys!

Marshall Petersen
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M Petersen
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Postby M Petersen » 12/04/12 11:25 PM

These have all been sold:

Quarter Through Soda Can
Banding Around
Illusion Fx
Bill Abbot Performs Stand Up Magic for Kids

Remaining DVDs still $12 each.
M Petersen
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