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Postby Guest » 12/01/04 10:17 PM

Just wondered if anyone out there that has tried the Magnetic Scotch & Soda put out by my company Precision Magic, Inc. I am interested in any and all feed back on this product. I personally think it's one of the most reasonably priced products of it's kind. Not to mention I believes it takes the effect to a whole new visual level that isn't possible with ordinary locking versions. I have heard a few drawbacks to my set, in that my coins do not have the ability to be closely scrutinized by the public. But, I would beg to differ. Any way anyone have anything to say?

Postby Guest » 12/07/04 09:23 PM


As you know, we carry Precision Magic's Magnetic Scotch & Soda. We've not had any complaints from our customers about it. What I will say is that I've heard a lot of differing opinions from people, but no complaints.

With any magic, I suggest that people consider how they'll use the item before they purchase it.

I've had a customer that was looking for a trick to fool "the boys" at his weekly poker party and for him this was a big hit. The magnetic feature made it easy for him to use and he didn't want to have to worry about losing the bang ring from a regular set.

Conversely, I sold one to a working restaurant performer that said he liked it as it was easy to instantly reset as he goes table to table.

Hope this was the kind of feedback you were looking for.

Good audience management can help a performer get around the varying levels of scrutiny that props can withstand.

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Postby Guest » 02/20/05 06:16 AM

To all interested! Magnetic Scotch & Soda has been discontinued!

Postby Guest » 03/26/05 07:12 PM

Coin Unique is similar to the magnetic scotch and soda except it's US coins.

Postby Steve V » 03/26/05 08:17 PM

By golly I just got something made by Precision Magic and I like it! I got it at my favorite brick and morter magic shop in Temecula, I'll let y'all figure out which one that is.
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Postby Guest » 04/11/05 10:14 PM

I have seen these and they are absomeutely fantastic. Dave let me play around with it for a little while, and I have to say, it feels like real magic! Those have to be the best S&S I have ever seen. Dave, if you ever make them again, hold one for me!


Postby Guest » 04/12/05 11:40 AM

I'm officially sold out of Precion Magic's magnetic scotch & soda. Glad I got one for myself!

It's the best Scotch & Soda I've ever used for walkaround due to it's instant reset.

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