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I am 14 years old and i am really big on magic as a hobby. But, i cant seem to find any thing to do with coins becides thumb cliping them witch works well until the spectator relizes all the tricks have somthing in common. I have watched a few (1) video but i still had trubble even when i watched it in slow motion, i love chalanges and making my own stuff but with coins i am a lost case, do any of you have any suggestions on what might be a good referance or maybe a good starting point? because there is tons of stuff that you all think as basic knowlage and i have barrly heard of.

Thanks for taking time to read this!

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Postby Ed Oschmann » 03/29/02 05:59 AM

Take a ride over to Border's or whatever bookstore is in your area and pick up a copy of 'Modern Coin Magic' by J.B. Bobo. It is THE reference when beginning is this beautiful branch of magic.
Also, no offense intended, but please have someone proofread your posts for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your posts will be taken more seriously. Hope this helps! :)
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Without knowing who KJ is and if he is a student in the KY school system, his mistakes may be a direct result of the KERA system. Kentucky has adopted the pathetic "idea" of if it's close, it counts. With the Fed's requiring results for tax dollars, the school system is denying students of a complete education.
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acualy i am dislexic and am really bad at grammar and spelling. But the Kentucky school system is a "joke".

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I would also recommend the David Roth videos (Vol.1, 2 & 3)
They are excellent teaching tools. Mr. Roth does a fantastic job explaining various slights and moves.

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I would also try Dean Dill's Intimate Coin Magic video. It is a great video (and His Coin Magic 2000 video isn't anything to be ashamed of either) and I have enjoyed working with those routines.

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I see that you are in Louisville. Get someone to take you over the river to Jeffersonville to visit the Greater Louisville Magic Emporium. Brent Braun works there and he can help get you going. The store is on Spring Street in Old Downtown near the riverfront.

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Postby Terry » 04/01/02 08:27 AM

Agree with Eric on this one. Brent is a really great guy and well worth going across the river to visit the shop.
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Don't believe everything you read. You are not forced into using half or silver dollars. Try you stuff with other coins. A quarter may work better in your hands than anything else

Practice, practice, practice.

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I dont know, but halfs seem easiest. Well thanks anyways!

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