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Postby Gerald Deutsch » 04/01/03 10:27 AM

Expert Card Technique defines a stranger card as a card with a different back pattern introduced into a pack. In the thread about 2 decks I described an effect using a single duplicate card from that second deck but as both decks had the same back, that extra card could not be called a "stranger card".

Sometimes the second deck to be found will have a different back and if one card is taken from that deck it will be a stranger card. Miracles can be done with the stranger card.

For example:

1 Transposition of 2 cards

This is the effect of having 2 cards change places. Using a duplicate card 2 double lifts are used. With a stranger card the handling is a little different:

* Assume the stranger is the AS. It is put on the face of the deck

* The actual AS is on top of the deck with a contrasting card below it.

* Perform a double lift showing the contrasting card. Turn the card(s) face down and deal the top card (AS) to the table and have a spectator cover it with her hand.

* Turn the deck face up showing the stranger (AS)

* Lift off the stranger with the right hand while the left thumb turns the deck face down in the left hand.

* Push the top card of the deck (the contrasting card that the spectator thinks is under her hand) to the right and get a break under it. Put the AS fface up on top.

* Lift the 2 cards as one and perform the visible card change over the spectator's hand (that is, holding the 2 cards with the thumb on the left long side and the 2nd finger on the right long end and the index finger on the back you press with the index finger and release the 2nd finger).

* Have the spectator lift her hand and show she has the AS.

* While she is doing this you put both cards on top of the deck, thumb off the contrasting card and palm off the stranger.

2 The effect I described in the thread under 2 decks can be done with a stranger card by just using the hindu shuffle force instead of the classic force
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