Mickey Mouse Plate

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Postby Bogd19 » 11/10/12 05:49 PM

Going through my collection last night I came across a plate and a some silks with Mickey Mouse on it. Anybody have any links or instructions for this trick. Couldn't find anything in the web.
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Postby Spellbinder » 11/14/12 10:32 PM

There's a whole chapter on "Soup Plates and Silks Magic" in Volume 3 of the Rice Encyclopedia that hasn't seen much use since the demise of the fancy soup plate at elegant dinners. With these themed plastic party plates at Dollar Stores and Party supply stores, there ought to be a new market for effects involving some of the old soup plate moves.
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Postby Q. Kumber » 11/15/12 04:25 AM

It sounds like a trick released by Supreme Magic in the late 70s. Is there a flap that fits into the bowl?
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