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Postby Bill Reader » 11/09/12 09:59 AM

Several years ago,I am sorry I do not know the name nor the maker but it was a very large 12 inch by 12 inch foam red dice that you floated. The other trick I am looking for was a zombie style fish bowl instead of the classic zombie.Any one has any information or know of any for sale for a reasonable price please email. Thanks so much,Take Care
Bill Reader
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Postby Raleigh » 11/09/12 12:36 PM

Hi Bill ,I currently do not have either of those items but I have had them before. The die trick was put out by Repro 71 of England. The Floating Fishbowl was put out by Gary Darwin here in Las Vegas. Hope this may help in your search. If you get a chance visit http://www.lasvegasvintagemagic.com/default.html Thanks and have a great weekend. Keith Raleigh
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