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Postby Tom Gilbert » 11/07/12 02:45 PM

My memory is faltering on this. Looking for the name or reference on a move I'll try to describe. (Keep in mind I'm
about 5 lightyears from RK's writing.)
Deck is fanned and the spectator touches the back of the card.
Right hand splits the fan and lifts the partial deck, still fanned, to show the spectator the bottom/chosen card. As the right hand half is close to returning to the left hand, the bottom card of the right hand half is pulled to the right as
the indifferent card is jogged forward by the left thumb, as the right hand half is placed back on the left hand stock. When the deck is squared the chosen card is placed or culled onto the bottom of the deck.
To sum it up. A chosen card ends up on the bottom of the deck, with what the spectator thinks is his chosen card outjogged in the middle of the deck.
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Postby El Mystico » 11/07/12 04:36 PM

Immediate bottom Placement
Or convincing control
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Postby Harry Lorayne » 11/07/12 04:57 PM

The first part sounds like my Lorayne Force - the second part doesn't.
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Postby Sworn Lip(s) » 11/07/12 08:56 PM

Maybe 'Fan-Antic Control' from Racherbaumer's Card Finesse...I know I just saw that move in there....out of town and away from my book. Magicref says its on page 143.
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Postby JHostler » 11/07/12 10:09 PM

It's definitely the Convincing Control (or a variation thereof).
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Postby Steve Hook » 11/07/12 10:47 PM

As El and J said, "Convincing Control". The "Fan-Antic Control" is quite different.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/07/12 10:55 PM

Larry Jennings' Immediate Bottom Placement, seen by Al Sharpe watching Jennings do it at the Magic Castle. Al Sharpe called Ed Marlo and Sharpe described what he'd seen. Marlo promptly did some backward engineering and published the Jennings sleight under his own name as "Convincing Control." You can find a more detailed history, as well as the precise and correct handling, in my book Jennings '67.
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Postby Tom Gilbert » 11/08/12 01:21 AM

Thanks guys, I will look that up. My feeble memory is thinking it is the CC.
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