Lance Pierce - Seattle Lecture

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Postby Evan Shuster » 11/03/12 12:50 PM

Saturday, November 10th at 2:00 PM
Lance Pierce Lecture

Shawn O'Donnell's Restaurant
122 128th St. SE, Everett, WA.
NWRF Members: $25
Ring of Smoke $10
General Admission: $30

Lance Pierce is a performer, author, editor, teacher, creator, consultant, and magician specializing in the practice of sleight of hand in close-up and platform venues. He was a featured entertainer at the world-famous Malone's Magic Bar at the Boca Resort and Hotel in Boca Raton, Florida and is a prolific writer of books, magazine articles, and essays. He taught masters-level courses in business writing for Florida International University, has contributed multiple articles to every major American magic magazine, has published his own non-magic periodical, reviewed products, edited top-selling books, provided concept designs for best selling DVDs and other media, collaborated on video productions, and organized events and conventions for magicians.

For all his activity, Lance is the quiet magician, casually reserved, not impulsive but pensive, always watching. Heavily influenced by a generation of masters, he's brought his craft to the stage, to platform, to hospitality suites, private parties, bars, restaurants, and corporate events. He's entertained audiences from all over the world with a unique touch and 30 years of dedicated practice.

But these are not the things with which he associates himself. While Lance Pierce has worn those many hats, the one he wears most readily is STUDENT. Much of his work in the field of magic is done anonymously and behind the scenes, but the title of student is one he's proud to use, out there for all to see. For Lance, a big part of magic is that never-ending process of searching for the next beautiful idea.

For all his theorizing, there must still be a practical side, however. Every beautiful idea must have a side of rubber that hits the road. As Lance is fond of saying, "I used to get all philosophical about magic. Well, that was Zen, this is Tao."
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Postby Bill Duncan » 11/03/12 04:27 PM

...saved the best for last apparently.

Looking forward to this very much.
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Postby Evan Shuster » 11/09/12 04:07 PM

Just a quick reminder... Lance Pierce lectures for Seattle tomorrow at 2pm. Hope to see some of you there!
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Postby Lance Pierce » 11/12/12 02:57 PM

I had a blast. Thanks, guys!
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