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Postby dader2 » 10/22/12 08:34 AM

I am a professional amateur and have been so for 40+ years, but want to do more with it. My goal is to teach kids, especially those in 'need', and would like to learn more about programs like Project Magic, especially in my area...Connecticut.

Can anyone direct me to sites, people, places engaged in this sort of work? Essentially, as I approach the end of my Wall Street career I want to do something for others as well as do more with my long history of interest in magic. Thanks.

email me at if you can.
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Postby edshern » 11/18/12 10:38 PM

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/19/12 10:54 AM

I'm not sure how Project Magic works anymore, or who to contact. Shoot me an email at and I'll ask David who's in charge of Project Magic at the moment.
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Postby Smurf » 11/19/12 04:43 PM

The Conjuring Arts Research Center has a program you may want to look into. Connecticut isn't too far from NY so there might be an outlet. Try this link:
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