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Postby Masa » 10/19/12 08:02 AM

Long time ago,collector's work shop sold "Marrakesh miracle"rising card.
Does anyone know about this stuff?
Also,does anyone one have this stuff in mint condition?
Let me know!
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Postby Nick Birch » 10/19/12 05:02 PM

You're referring to CW's Marakesh Mystery.

They only made about 12 due to the complexity and time it took to manufacture each one. If you saw one you'd know what I mean. See link below. ... s&key=2233

They do come up for sale occasionally but change hands for quite a lot. If you're lucky enough to find a complete one snap it up. Mine's not for sale though I'm afraid.
Nick Birch
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Postby Brad Henderson » 10/19/12 05:42 PM

Was happy to hear there are only About a dozen. I have one as well. Just glad l & l can't digitize it and sell it for $9.

Rich used to fool people badly with this. When he did it, there was seemingly no way for him to know the mentally selected card, yet the card rose without it being named.

That lesson was worth the cost of the trick for me!
Brad Henderson
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Postby Craig Busch » 10/20/12 10:49 PM

Two of them sold this year on EBay. I managed to get one of them. It is quite unique.
Craig Busch
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Postby Nick Birch » 10/23/12 08:21 AM

Brad, Craig

I don't suppose either of you have the instructions for MM do you? Mine is boxed but with no instructions sadly. I don't need them for the routine but I'd like to have a record of them.

If you could email me to let me know, perhaps we could come to an arrangement.

Many thanks
Nick Birch
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Postby Mike I » 11/02/12 03:09 AM

Chris Shirley, a.k.a. Christopher Brent, knew George from CW and received permission to make a version with an ordinary card box instead of the metal sleeve. He made less than a dozen. I'm not sure what he called them. Wish I'd bought one.
Mike I
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