Conn-copia (includes first edition TOMT)

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Postby Doug Conn » 10/16/12 10:05 AM

Hey folks Doug Conn here.
Selling some stuffs Dig it;

First Edition (thats right 1st Edition!) of
Tricks of my Trade-Magic of Doug Conn
(just opened the plastic seal last night to inspect for any oddities. Iit's in good shape: the cover has some slight (really slight) "dings" (near invisible) but for a book that has 5-6 moves (including one from Katrina) , it's in real good shape.

Why are you selling that piece of gold Conn?
Well, #1 I have a few more ;) and #2 Paul Cummins just rereleased the book (2nd edition; same contents (good trickin inside) only diff = those "edition" words)
last but not least as I prepare to drive cross country (lecture tour up in ohio & michigan; this Nov! What? Yeah u right!) alas: I discovered i need a few extra things for this trip, the least of which is NEW TIREs! (which ain't cheap)

Okay, as such (expensive tires) this is a package deal I'd like to kill at least two birds (tires) with one stone... The cheapie tires are $73 per, so I gotta get close to that

So ...
I'm also offering the brand new DVD set "Built to Last by Doug Conn" 24 items , 2 disks, 3 hours of video awesomeness
It's good. I'm a proud pops

In a similar vein, I'm adding the Pinky Swear project DVD. Miracles with the pass and the pinky count and in depth teaching on both; 2 techniques, 6 routines 45 min runtime.

Okay, so I wanted to push this combo over the top... Booyah;
I'm adding two more items;
#1 a set of Pip Trip cards $6 value 3 red biked cards
(described on the BTL DVDS and in the TOMT book)
#2 I discovered a (single "please sell me") limited edition copy of my orinal Connjuring lecture notes (produced for LA magic weekend back in 2001)
Ahhh memories... And at least one devious unpublished item (well , unpublished elsewhere) value? Good question; I sold em for $10

OK, so thats the stuff... A Connacopia of magic

How much? Hmm good question
I've seen first editions of the book go for close to $200
(& the DVDs are worth $65 (IMO: a heckuva deal at that price!)
The cards are good , but just a cheap toss in
Not sure bout the ole connjuring notes; will em to yor grandkids and maybe one day they'll be worth $20 (but do me a fave; try and learn Bwave Bday) in there... It's a gem of a good-ta /great trick that no-one is doin ;)

Aight. Sheesh. Nuff with the salespitch (pardon moi)

I'm gonna keep it simple (& non - greedy) and ask $120 (less than the cost of my tires) you can send more if ya want ;)

YO: I am gonna ad $10 for priority shipping that insures you goodies get there quick and safe (ok, well, at least quick ;)

So; make it; $130 shipping included

PayPal only:
Email with any questions

For more info, visit (the DVDs) the book

Note: if any of this (cept that primo book is of interest )
Take a look at my web site and send a bro $ome biz

You'll find trailers of the new DVD there

It's for a good cause; I have a pure heart (& 3 kids) and realty just wanna get to / thru this lecture tour safe & sound (hence new tires!) I hope someone gets to enjoy this package (I'm guessing I can get someone to back me up on the quality of the material. & Production(s) Rich & Paul produced some killer diller.

I guess this will be first come first served
I'll take the first email that responds to this post

I'll post here if/when this package is sold

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Postby Doug Conn » 10/16/12 12:46 PM

Someone is interested... Thanks
(Awaiting payment)

If anything wonky happens I'll let ya know

For the time being, consider this lot sold

Reminder to interested parties: (Paul Cummins) has the second edition volumes available has gobs of good stuff
(in addition to my DVDS , mucho other killer downloadable content)

And then (that's me) has my stuffs

Thanks for your time & attn
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Doug Conn
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