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Postby Chris Aguilar » 10/14/12 03:44 PM

Over at the Cafe, Darwin Ortiz has officially announced his new book which he describes as "in the mode of Cardshark, Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table, and Scams & Fantasies with Cards."
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Postby Brad Henderson » 10/15/12 11:31 AM

The title is unfortunate as it suggests this will be an exploration of the content of Mickey mcdougall's book. Not an unreasonable way to read it given Darwin also famously annotated erdnase. Card Shark was a great book. Regardless of the title, I hope the material is of that caliber. I was less than enthused with scams and fantasies - I did not feel Darwin held himself to the criterion of his own 'law' with that one.
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Postby R.E.Byrnes » 01/07/13 10:01 AM

Titles and names that are similar to or the same as other things typically co-exist with their similar/identical predecessors without confusion. I know a guy named John Kennedy, and there's never any confusion with the former president; no surprise at learning he was not in fact shot and killed. I don't imagine there will be a great many people buying the new Darwin Ortiz book under the misimpression that it expounds on Mickey McDougall.
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Postby The Magic Apple » 01/07/13 11:41 AM

If anyone is intersted - we have the book in stock at The Magic Apple
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Postby Spoook » 10/06/14 12:10 AM

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