WTB: Slydini Gold Linking Pins

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Postby Q. Kumber » 10/11/12 06:57 PM

Back in the late 70's and early 1980's Slydini and later Palmer Magic released a set of brass pins for Slydini's routine which appeared in Apocalypse Volume One, 'The Mystery Of The Gold Pins'.

I'm looking to buy a set of these original pins. They are 3" long and made of brass. Even if you don't have a full set, I'm still interested.

Quentin Reynolds
23 Mercury Building
Aytoun Street
Manchester M1 3BL

+ 44 161 236 4452
quentinr (at) btopenworld.com
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Postby mrgoat » 10/11/12 06:58 PM

The linking pins you showed me at the session was great, just saying.
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