Houdini's Original Metamorphosis Trunk

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Postby houdini's ghost » 10/10/12 01:44 AM

I never really owned Houdini's trunk. I guarded it for forty-five years. During that time, I gathered some excellent documentation on it, and I proved conclusively to myself (and Joe Long) that this was Houdini's original Metamorphosis Trunk. That he had created it with his own hands with a man named Frank Allen. I had beautiful footage of Hardeen performing the substitution with it. Documentation of Hardeen introducing it as the "Original Metamorphosis Trunk which I performed with my brother."
There were scoffers, Milbourne Christopher being the loudest and least sincere. I had everything but a photo of Houdini with it.
Now you can see four of them.
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Postby Greg Edmonds » 10/11/12 04:24 PM

If you know Ed Fowler (the originator of the Magic Castle HOUDINI Seance), ask him about the time he saw another famous magician try to throw Christopher out of an upstairs window because of Mr. C's offensive nature.

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Postby Greg Edmonds » 10/11/12 04:52 PM

Forgot to ask, Pat. Where's the trunk now?
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Postby Q. Kumber » 10/11/12 05:35 PM

I don't think I'm imagining it but I believe that Houdini had some additional trunks made for his European shows and one of them ended up with Albert le Bas in Ireland.
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Postby JohnCox » 10/12/12 11:01 AM

I've been in that trunk!

Here are a few posts about the trunk on my blog. This is really a pretty big deal. While there are several Houdini sub trunks out there, this is the only one with photographic evidence that proves it was used by Harry and Bess.

This is Houdini's original sub trunk (pics)
http://www.wildabouthoudini.com/2012/10 ... trunk.html

How Houdini's sub trunk escaped
http://www.wildabouthoudini.com/2012/10 ... caped.html
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Postby houdini's ghost » 10/12/12 06:58 PM

I knew Ed Fowler quite well because we both worked at 20th Century Fox for years. I was trying to remember his seance name--E. Raymond Carlyle. Milbourne was crazy to get his hands on that trunk.
By the time I sold it, I felt like that Knight Templar covered with cobwebs who guarded the grail. Joe Long bought it and I am told it is in his living room next to one of John Lennon's pianos.
I miss it, but, during my 45 year watch, I became the man when it came to Houdini. I'll go head to head with anybody on the subject of Houdini and I'll still be the man.
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