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Postby Bill Mullins » 10/03/12 12:52 AM

Ran across this today . . . .

Bill Mullins
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Postby Leonard Hevia » 10/03/12 08:54 PM

A third edition copy...
Leonard Hevia
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Postby Mike Vance » 10/03/12 10:50 PM

Only third edition? Bah... I say hold out for a 1st ed.
Mike Vance
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Postby Edward Pungot » 10/03/12 11:26 PM

"Great matters may be wrought by this art,
when princes esteeme and mainteine it:
of divers woonderfull experiments,
and of strange conclusions of the art perspective."
--Reginald Scot

The billboard off the freeway exit,
looking out from the window of my taxi cab ride
to the Inn, was none other than Harry Potter.
I take that as a good sign.
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Postby James Smith » 10/04/12 06:23 PM

Sold a few minutes ago for $5,625, including buyers premium. I bid but was out quite a bit before that!

This copy had a really nice (although relatively modern) binding but did have a few leaves missing. Otherwise fairly clean. Another copy I bid on recently sold for only $1,700 (exc. buyer's premium). Almost complete but lacking the title page, which has a big impact on price. It's incredible the fluctuation in price with various differences in condition and a minefield for establishing a true value for anything less than a perfect copy.

@ Mike Vance: I hope your pockets are deep!
James Smith
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Postby Terry_Holley » 10/08/12 06:34 PM

I am very content with my $40 copy produced by Kaufman & Company. Great job, Richard.

Scot was ahead of his time, and although we magicians always talk about his discussion of magic, in my opinion it is a very good theological treatise. Andre' Kole and I refer to him and Thomas Ady ("A Candle In the Dark") in our book on psychic phenomena.
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Postby Greg Edmonds » 10/15/12 03:30 PM


While I agree (with you and Andre, tell him I said hello if you speak to him) that the theological content of the third edition is quite interesting, I'm guessing you realize that Scot didn't write that portion of the book (or at least, not the vast majority of it). Most of the material in question doesn't appear in the first edition, and much isn't in the second, either.
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Postby Terry_Holley » 12/16/13 12:30 AM

Mike Vance wrote:Only third edition? Bah... I say hold out for a 1st ed.

Here you go!

Only $80,000.
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