Everything necessary to split a playing card

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Everything necessary to split a playing card

Postby Trickster-2 » October 1st, 2012, 10:17 am

I purchased the video The Art Of Card Splitting by Marty Martini Grams and after I received it and watched it, I found out that tools were necessary to complete the task of splitting a card and the tools had to be made because they were not for sale

I had the tools made by a professional fabricator for myself and I saw the need for the tools and had extras built for anyone else that does not have the ability to build them

So what I have for sale is a new, never opened Marty Martini Grams The Art Of Card Splitting Video the card press and the card splitter board as discussed in the video enabling you to split a card with all the necessary equipment making this a total of $61.00 for the complete kit, plus $6.00 shipping

If you already own the video,

But never got around to making the tools necessary to split a card; I have the card press and card splitter board for sale; the price is $31.00 for both, plus $6.00 shipping

The example discussed in the video was manufactured in brass; my set is acrylic and is just as accurate.

Buzz Lawrence
7911 Redwood Drive
Suite 211
Cotati, CA 94931

I will gladly accept PayPal as payment, please call me for a faster reply

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