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Postby brianarudolph » 09/28/12 08:39 AM

For those who love playing puzzle and hidden object games with a spooky twist, I just spotted Mumbo Jumbo's latest one on the iTunes App Store. It's called Haunted Houdini and it's the third in their Midnight Mysteries series. I love how they always seem to be released just in time for the fall/Halloween season. Stunning graphics, interesting stories, and great game play in the first two made me grab this one the moment I saw it. I'm eagerly looking forward to playing this one off-and-on throughout the month of October until I complete it as I have done in the past with the previous two.

But I'm even more excited this time because of the magic-themed plot: in this one, we learn that Bess has still not been able to reunite with her beloved Harry even after passing into the next life herself. By solving the puzzle, finding the objects/clues, interviewing other famous cohorts and rivals, etc. you are meant to unravel the mystery and finally bring her spirit together with Harry's so that they may both have a peaceful and joyous afterlife.

I'm not associated with the creators of this game in anyway other than by being a satisfied player of the others in the same series. But those of you with an iPad should check it out. (It may be available on other platforms like Android too, but since I don't have an Android device, I don't know.)
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Postby NYCJoePItt » 09/30/12 04:06 PM

This looks like a port of the version I played on my PC. I really enjoyed it and had fun with all the Houdin/magic references. If you are a computer game player at heart at any level, go for it.
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Postby Ray Eden » 10/01/12 09:00 AM

I can't find it. Any advice on keywords?
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Postby Gordon Meyer » 10/01/12 10:41 AM

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Postby Ray Eden » 10/01/12 11:35 AM

Thanks Gordon. My problem was I was looking for it with my iPhone. It came right up when I put the name into my iPad. Giving it a try.
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